About us

About us

The Slotegrator company is a vendor and software developer for online casinos. Since 2012, our company has been working to develop client's business, making it as profitable and effective as possible. We are those who help to kick-start successful projects, providing our customers with quality casino games and turnkey solutions, reliable developers, and expert support.

Our mission is to create new leaders of the iGaming industry.


Licensed software

We integrate only proven games we can account for. Slotegrator is proud to cooperate with such industry leaders as Microgaming, GameArt and Endorphina which develop exclusive slots to meet any customer's wishes.


Integrate everything at once

With a unified API protocol, it is possible to add games to the online casino within just one session by a minimal time. We guarantee 100% security, around-the-clock support, together with wide currency conversion.


Online gambling Academy

Slotegrator Academy makes its members become experts in the market. In our materials there, we analyze statistics, share experiences, explore promising developments and technologies, and assist you to freely navigate the sphere of iGaming.

Slotegrator stand at EIG 2017

EiG 2017: Outcome of the First-day

Yan Urbanec (Endorphina) and Vadim Potapenko (Slotegrator) at EIG 2017, Berlin

EiG 2017: Good bye Berlin

Slotegrator at Riga Gaming Congress 2017

Slotegrator attended Riga Gaming Congress 2017

Slotegrator at RGW 2017, Moscow

Results of RGW Moscow 2017 by Slotegrator

Feedback from our partners

Join Games

Luigi Spina, Join Games

“Love the company, love the team behind it! Since we met in Russia, working with Slotegrator has been very rewarding and I look forward to build on this working relationship based on trust and hard work.”


Eman Pulis, SiGMA

“SiGMA is the fastest growing show in Malta, home to around 300 gaming companies. Having delegates and sponsors coming from CIS markets adds a lot of networking value to our show. Leave the spirit with which Slotegrator get involved in the show. They attend all of the networking events, and leave no stone unturned, reaping all the benefits a show like SiGMA can provide.”

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