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    Why is bitcoin going up

    Bitcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, breaks all-time records in value growth for the year. In November 2017, Bitcoin easily surpassed the mark of $ 8000 for a coin, thereby justifying all the boldest predictions and expectations of the experts. There is the...

    November 24, 2017

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    How to use ICO to promote your project

    Today, a case of ICO is becoming widely known around the globe. This issue is directly related to the cryptocurrency market that is rapidly developing and has unprecedentedly broken through over the past year. What is an ICO? How can it be used to attract investments in...

    November 07, 2017

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    Online gambling in Latin America

    What exactly Latin America is? What are the prospects for gambling development in the region? What are the specialties in the legal system of Latin America and what should be expected in the future? All of these issues are reviewed by experts from the Slotegrator compan...

    October 25, 2017

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    Jackpot as a customer retention tool

    The notion of jackpot is inseparably connected with games of chance. Any gambler dreams of winning. However, what is a jackpot for an online casino? How to use it in the most effective way possible? What types of jackpots are there? How do they function and what is the...

    September 25, 2017

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    UX mistakes to avoid while designing online casino interface

    Land-based casinos take seriously the matters of interior for their gambling halls, allocation of gambling tables inside, employee appearance and conduct at casino, etc. It’s not a secret that every detail matters. Clients should feel comfortable and enjoy the pro...

    September 04, 2017

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    How legislation affects development of gambling worldwide

    In this review Slotegrator has made an analysis of how legislation affects iGaming worldwide, in particular, the way this kind of business adapts and reacts to the slightest changes in lawmaking, as well as what should be expected in the near future. Worldwide gambli...

    August 17, 2017

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    Effective investing: White Label casinos

    Owners of popular information resources providing the latest news of gambling are frequently thinking about opening their own online casinos. In this case, White Label seems to be a perfect solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it brings an opportunity of becoming an...

    August 03, 2017

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    Online casino licensing

    A gambling license is a document that legalizes online casino commercial activities. These days, more than 80 countries provide such permits. Licenses are usually issued by certain regulators or gambling commissions. Today, it is an indispensable requirement for any typ...

    July 25, 2017

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    Online gambling in Africa

    What are the special features of the African online gambling? Why do leading online casino operators view Africa as one of the most promising regions? Slotegrator’s experts have analyzed the economic performance of such countries as the Republic of South Africa, N...

    June 22, 2017

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    Analysis of competative online casino sites: Core indicators

    Every year, a popularity of online casinos is growing all around the world. Gambling portals are rapidly emerging, tightening a competition in the network. Every gambling Internet project’s success is influenced by various factors. It is strongly recommended to...

    June 06, 2017

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    Review of online gambling market: Prognosis for 2017–2020

    The company Slotegrator, being a leading distributor of software and platforms for online casinos, presents a review of one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the iGaming industry – mobile iGaming. The following material provides a detailed analysis of recent...

    May 19, 2017

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    The way online casinos make profit

    By today, online casinos are rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. There are also an increasing number of gambling sites and players willing to have fun and push luck. The Slotegrator’s experts point to several main reasons why these trends will be developin...

    May 13, 2017

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