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Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical researches in the spheres of gambling business and are ready to share the data in articles and reviews. The materials provide insights into the companies, products, operating markets, gaming licenses, cases of marketing promotion and other components of the gambling industry. Our analytical articles will help you achieve a good understanding of the online casino spheres and betting.

Archive of articles

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Main gambling trends 2016

Current situation in gambling industry To estimate a gambling business situation and predictions for the nearest year one has conducted...

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How to launch a successful online casino gambling site

What should operator pay attention to before proceeding with the development of the online casino website? Let's consider the basic co...

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Online casino affiliate program: basic principles of effective use

In order to understand the role and place of affiliate program in online casino operation, you should understand the overall structure of ...

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World gambling in figures. Results of 2015 and predictions for 2016-2017

General trends of gambling development across the globe For the previous 10 years of online gambling business operating, the turnover o...

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SEO analysis of gaming market in the CIS countries

Popularity of online casino is growing - this phrase can be seen in the titles of many articles. As an evidence of this rapid process you ...

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Bitcoin casino – new opportunities in the field of gambling

Some facts about bitcoin It is believed that bitcoin seems to be tailored for online casinos, and due to its opportunities and charact...

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