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Analytical articles

Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical researches in the spheres of gambling business and are ready to share the knowledge in articles and reviews. The materials provide insights into the companies, products, operating markets, gaming licenses, cases of marketing promotion and other components of the gambling business. Our analytical articles will help you achieve a good understanding of the online gambling industry.

Archive of articles

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Online Gambling Trends to Come in 2019

The explosive growth of gambling makes it one of the most profitable economic sectors nowadays. Online gambling is growing at a rapid pace...

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Online and Offline Casino Cost in 2019. What is cheaper to start

The think-tankers of Slotegrator Academy have carried out a comparative analysis considering the cost of opening offline and online casino...

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Explaining Gamification: How to Use the Method in Online Casino Promotion

Gamification is one of the most effective ways of creating and keeping up the interest among people. To put it simply, it is a marketing t...

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UK Online Gambling Market Overview

The experts of Slotegrator have examined the UK online gambling market and now are pleased to share their overview with you. In this mater...

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Why Online Casinos Go Bankrupt?

Online gambling is progressing at an incredible pace, being an extremely competitive niche today. However, there is an increasing number o...

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Loyalty program: what it is and how to use

In this article, the experts of Slotegrator has brought up to speed on loyalty programs in online casinos. What is their importance to the...

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