Analytical articles

Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical researches in the spheres of gambling business and are ready to share the data in articles and reviews. The materials provide insights into the companies, products, operating markets, gaming licenses, cases of marketing promotion and other components of the gambling industry. Our analytical articles will help you achieve a good understanding of the online casino spheres and betting.

Archive of articles

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Lotteries in Online Casino: Types, Rules, Principles

Today, lottery fans can enjoy the game even easier than before. The Internet has greatly expanded the possibilities for this gambling adve...

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Survey of online gambling market in Australia

Gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment on the modern Internet. More and more users visit gambling sites every day. ...

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Magic of Slots: what does gravitate players toward "one-armed bandits?"

Motives and preferences of the players. Their attitude toward victory and failure. Superstitions, mental disorders, and casino tricks. We ...

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Blockchain technology in online casinos

Lately, the term 'blockchain' is widely used in the context of gambling. The Slotegrator company, which is an aggregator and the l...

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Typical mistakes in online casino design

The home page is crucial for online casinos. Its colour, structure and fonts make the first impression about the whole product. It is here...

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What are loot boxes and are they gambling?

Recently, the Belgian Gaming Commission has determined the loot boxes as a form of gambling. However, in many Asian countries, the game ha...

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