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Gambling market review

Gambling market review

Gambling is any form of cash games: roulette, betting pool, slot machines, etc. The Internet development has provided gambling with new prospects by transferring it in the virtual environment. The world online gambling market has been existing for more than 20 years. First online gambling platforms appeared in 1995. Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of game websites on the Internet, including online casinos.              

Currently, online gambling is at its height and will continue growing at least up to 2020, according to TechNavio, a global research company. Since the early 2000s, when the industry had just begun developing, its world income increased from $10-13 billion to $37 billion in 2015. A total world gambling industry income was estimated by analysts at $81.5 billion in 2015. The latest data of Newzoo analytics firm shows the overall growth of the gambling industry by more than 8% annually.                        

According to Firstgaming (RUB90), a share of online gambling in the total world market income continues to grow. While in 2014, online income was 8.8% of the total gambling business revenue, in 2015 this figure increased to 9.6%. Betting continues to be a market share leader on the Internet, covering 47% of the market. The income of this segment was 16.4 billion euros in 2015. Within 2015, online betting income has increased by 4.3%.                

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