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Review of the gambling markets of the leading European countries

Europe is considered to be one of the fastest growing and most promising markets for the gambling businesses so far. One of the main factors that guarantees such a position to the Old Continent is its liberal system of legislative control and, consequently, liberal taxation policies. In the following review, Slotegrator presents its own analysis of the European markets and their distinctive features.

The history of gambling in Europe

The games of chance date back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In spite of the fact that the first casinos were established in 1397, even at that time they were regulated by the law. Although, gambling did not find any support from the Catholic Church and was generally recognized as something sinful, gambling houses kept spreading, eventually attracting more and more gamblers.

Gambling in ancient times could not be as fun as nowadays due to the lack of game varieties that were only bets and dice. The last one was particularly popular in Ancient Greece and the authorities did not restrict its admirers. Seems like, everybody was gambling back then, starting from plebeians up to queens.

However, from time to time the legislators of the Ancient Rome managed to pass laws imposing restrictions on the games of chance. For instance, it was stated by the law that all the money lost while playing dice was supposed to be returned to their owners.

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