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How to use ICO to promote your project

How to use ICO to promote your project

Today, a case of ICO is becoming widely known around the globe. This issue is directly related to the cryptocurrency market that is rapidly developing and has unprecedentedly broken through over the past year. What is an ICO? How can it be used to attract investments in your gambling project? Slotegrator has answered to these questions in the following review.

What is an ICO

ICO is an abbreviation referred to Initial Coin Offering. ICO is an analogy of IPO standing for Initial Public Offering, but within cryptocurrency market. It serves as a tool for attracting funds from investors into the Internet companies.

By analogy with IPO, a process of capital attraction based on an initial sale of so-called digital tokens at the price set by the organizer. These tokens are similar to shares of a company; however, they are issued within blockchain system in the form of a registry entry, which Bitcoin is based on.

These are virtual replacers for coins, which may shortly be used by investors to pay for services within the project on terms that are more favorable. On the other hand, subsequently, their owners will be able to exchange them for cryptocurrency or fiat money, thus earning a profit.

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