What should operator pay attention to before proceeding with the development of the online casino website? Let's consider the basic components that each beginning businessman must carefully think over at the initial phase of his project creation:

It is important to make a right selection of the content among the huge variety of casino games developers in order to fill the online casino. Products of different companies are distinct in quality, graphics, popularity, functionality, types of jackpots, plots and many other things.

When choosing a gaming provider, the quality-price ratio should also be taken into account. It is not necessary to focus only on global brands, which are used by almost all casinos. There are also a huge number of young companies offering at least quality products at more affordable prices.

The main thing (regardless of whether the operator prefers games by little-known brands or renowned developers) is to make sure that the software is licensed and check all the technical documentation.

Focusing on needs of the game portal target audience is one of the most important factors in the process of game content selection. Also, do not ignore trends in the global gambling because casino fans constantly monitor new products introduced by manufacturers and are willing to try them as soon as possible.

Therefore, one should be guided by the authority of game developers, take into account the quality of content, choose such a variety of games that can satisfy players’ needs, as well as periodically update a set of casino games.

Payment systems

Geolocation is very important upon payment system selection, i.e. an operator selects a region where online casino will operate and popular payment methods and systems corresponding to such region. The most effective payment systems are the ones that provide the user with the most comprehensive selection of methods for his region.

The operator should consider tariff features of the payment system and ensure the system reliability. The following risks of working with payments should be excluded:

  • Arrears in payment
  • Bad reputation
  • Vulnerability of communication channels

It is necessary to take into account possibilities of a gaming platform in terms of the integration of payment systems. For instance, Casexe's platform supports integration with all popular payment systems; the operator is only required to select the needed ones and start their operation in his casinos. In any case, the operator should not be limited in the choice of payment methods and should be able to connect any sort of system.


Today, casino operators are provided with a huge selection of licensing jurisdictions for online casinos around the world. They differ in price policy, requirements, capabilities and features of operation. What is really important to know when choosing a license to launch an online project? Once again, everything begins with a choice and analysis of the market. Licenses in certain countries may be suitable for some online casino operation regions, however, these jurisdictions nay be useless for another regions. It is important to understand what territory is covered by the license and whether it satisfies a casino operating in a particular region.

Moreover, it is important to consider what possibilities are provided by a license in terms of cooperation with certain providers and payment systems. Do not buy a license, which does not enjoy credibility with providers and does not have a high level of confidence among players.

The operator must take into account the peculiarities of jurisdiction policy relating to the protection of the players’ rights. Fair play means certain restrictions being imposed under one or other license on the operator's activity in relation to a player.

There are universal licenses that are issued in Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, United Kingdom; they allow you to cooperate with almost all the providers and payment systems on the market.

Audience targeting

Most of works on an online casino creation are based on the targeting. It is impossible to select main components of the project such as game content and payment systems without a definition of the target audience. In addition, the further marketing activity of establishments depends entirely on the analysis of the target audience.

Content management

An online casino website should have a universal management system that allows an operator to control all components of the project.

Configurator to create an online casino website

To date, there are alternative ways to create an innovative online casino website, which include all activities on development of main component parts.

Thus, Casexe has developed an interesting tool using which any novice operator can design his own establishment in just a few clicks. Casexe configurator is a new unique product that allows you to create your own online casino quickly and qualitatively. 

 All that a user needs is to register on the website, enter in the configurator and perform the basic steps to create the casino:

Casexe configurator uses several casino patterns being pre-designed by the company's specialists. All of them are picked up in view of the latest trends in the market and are universal website patterns that are popular with players and open up plenty of opportunities for operators.

One should not perceive this tool as stamping machine creating online casinos of the same type; it is misjudgement. After all, operators on their own, depending on their preferences and tastes, choose the design and content of the website. In addition, a user of the configurator has an opportunity to create a unique list of games and payment systems.