In order to understand the role and place of affiliate program in online casino operation, you should understand the overall structure of the venue.

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  1. Online casino structure
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Online casino structure

The basis of any online casino is its platform. The following main elements of a gambling venue are built around the core one:

  • Game content. Different types of games are integrated into the platform, representing the greatest interest for visitors. The range must be selected according to the interests of target audience and meet public needs.
  • Design. Designing of casino site is a very important aspect, that’s why this task should be entrusted to professionals only. The design should be of high quality and represent the overall concept of the casino.
  • Payment systems. When choosing this element, first of all you should take into account customer convenience. Payment systems are to be reliable and have easy monetary transaction process.
  • Marketing. Affiliate program refers to marketing activities, regarding casino promotion.

The first three elements represent, so to say, material or physical part of the casino - all that you can immediately see, touch and try: visual design, game content, finance management tools. Marketing stands somewhat apart, as it is a certain activity, regarding the promotion of already created product.

It should be noted that the key to successful marketing is a quality product. Casino marketing will not produce results, if the main constituent elements (platform, content, payment systems and design) are selected, developed or integrated poorly. Such product will not be able to compete in the market.

Marketing Tools

There are a lot of marketing tools and there is a time and a place for each of them. It is impossible to use them all at the same time. You should understand what the purpose of their usage is and at what stage each tool will bring the most positive result. So, there are tools of attracting customers, which are used when the project is launched, and retention tools, aimed at already existing players.

To begin with, let’s focus on different ways of how to draw customers to the newly created gaming portal.

Tools for attracting players

When a casino has already got customers, there comes a time for the next stage of marketing activities, namely the use of tools for customer retention and motivation.

Tools for retaining players

Affiliate program is cooperation between a retailer and partners in the B2B sector. The main advantage of such program is that the retailer saves money. Program participants agree in advance on the conditions of cooperation that are beneficial for both parties.

Affiliate program for online casino requires special software, with the help of which the retailer (in this case - online casino operator) will establish cooperation with partners. The most common type of affiliate program is pay per sale: operator pays a certain percentage of the sum, lost by players, to the partner. Interest payments may be from 10 to 80%, depending on cooperation conditions.

Affiliate program is very flexible and customizable tool. Its work depends totally on the agreement of the parties.

The following factors should be taken into account when choosing affiliate program:

  • Who are webmasters and why are they needed. Webmaster is a partner who carries out a set of activities to ensure high traffic to online casino website. It can be done in many ways and casino operators have no need to go into details; the most important is the result - traffic increase. Webmasters have their own customer acquisition tools, in their turn operator should monitor the implementation of all affiliated program cooperation conditions by the webmaster.
  • Affiliate program reporting system. Affiliate program functionality should be equipped with multi-functional reporting system to ensure full control of its operations by the operator. Such reporting systems may be different, depending on affiliate programs. Among the major types are short reports, analytics, clicks list, payments to partners, history of payments, commission reports, etc..

Affiliate program integration process has several stages and in general is not difficult: operator chooses a particular program, discusses all the conditions of cooperation, signs a contract, integrates the program into the platform and receives all the functionality for its management and control.

Currently, participation in loyalty program is the main source of traffic increase for online casinos.

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