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Comparative analysis of the world's currencies in online casinos

In 2016, the most popular currency being offered in online casinos as a form of payment has become euros (€). Across the world, it is the most widely used in online establishments; 78% of the total number of casinos offer their clients to use Euro. A year ago, however, U.S. Dollar ($) was the most popular currency, being currently ranked second.

Upon registration in any online casino, a player must choose the currency, which he will use to perform financial calculations. As usual, establishments offer their clients an extensive list, regardless of the region of their activities, in order to make the game comfortable for a larger number of users. Along with the traditional or so-called international currencies, such list may include less popular currencies as well as different types of cryptocurrencies.

Euro plays a leading role

Euro managed to prevail over dollar only in 2015. This situation was affected by some significant factors. Thus, in recent years the EU has increased the number of countries using the single currency. In addition, the US has experienced dramatic changes to the law causing the ban of many types of online gambling activities. Earlier, the US market was one of the most attractive in the world. In addition, the U.S. dollar was considered one of the most stable currencies, and players were always confident in the reliability of green backs.

Of course, the best alternative to the dollar is the euro, which is used by a fifth of the world's foreign currency holdings.

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