The experts of Slotegrator have examined the UK online gambling market and now are pleased to share their overview with you. In this material, you will trace the history and special features regulating the gambling in the UK, as well as the statistics and forecasts for the industry in the future.

Article summary

  1. History
  2. Legislation, regulation, taxation
  3. License Holders
  4. Operating Conditions
  5. Online Casino Statistics
  6. Player statistics (age, gender ratio, problem gambling)
  7. Profits
  8. Projections for the Coming Years


The English are far from being the most gambling nation among Europeans. Instead, people from South Europe, like the Spanish and Italians, are more known for their lust for gambling. Perhaps, that is why Great Britain authorities have had a condoning attitude to the gambling since ancient time.

History has also witnessed some restrictions on gambling in the UK, implemented in the past. For the most part, they were recommendatory in nature though. And even the Anglican Catholic Church used to treat such kind of entertainment very leniently. However, there have been prohibitions in one form or another up to the present.

Only in 1960, the UK government officially permitted gambling. However, the United Kingdom authorities continued to strictly monitor this business.

The government established the clear rules of running gambling business and fully controlled turnover from it. For these purposes, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was established in 2007 within the country.

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