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What are loot boxes and are they gambling?

What are loot boxes and are they gambling?

Recently, the Belgian Gaming Commission has determined the loot boxes as a form of gambling. However, in many Asian countries, the game has long been equated to a gambling entertainment, which is banned there.

Experts from Slotegrator have kicked off what are the loot boxes, where are they used, whether it is a kind of gambling or simply a successful game monetization model, and how do the legislators of different countries consider this issue.

What are loot boxes

Loot boxes are used in games, and recently this concept has become widespread among gamers.

Classic game of loot boxes is presented in the form of a box: It is a stylized branded box, which contains a set of themed subjects. These are usually: Trinkets, t-shirts, stickers, posters, costume jewelry, promo codes, new games, game-devices, etc., depicting logos or images of characters from popular video games.

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