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Why is bitcoin going up

Why is bitcoin going up

Bitcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, breaks all-time records in value growth for the year. In November 2017, Bitcoin easily surpassed the mark of $ 8000 for a coin, thereby justifying all the boldest predictions and expectations of the experts.

There is the growing interest in this cryptocurrency in the gambling industry as well. The leading aggregator and software provider, Slotegrator, made a research and analyzed why the Bitcoin rate is growing. In this article, we offer you to check out some conclusions.

The brief history of Bitcoin and its growth

Bitcoin came into existence in January 2009 along with the same name application. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of this cryptocurrency generated the first money block. The first transaction of Bitcoin between Bitcoinwallets was processed a few days after that.

Nine years ago, when its price amounted to couple of cents, nobody could even imagine that Bitcoin will cost as much as it does today.

Everything changed dramatically in 2011 after the creation of a specialized exchange – MtGox. Thanks to this platform, Bitcoin could be exchanged not only for the US dollar, but also for other currencies. Bitcoin raised and started attracting serious investors.

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