Online gambling has taken a strong position in the gaming world and its income is regularly increasing. The total share of gambling business in the European Union is close to 15% which accounts for €13 billions annually. According to the statistics, the number of users of online gambling resources has exceeded to 10 million. So, what is the secret of success, how to attract new gambling audiences, and whatkind of problems does online gambling face – all of the answers to these questions you may find in the following review provided by Slotegrator.

Finding anicheon the market

While doing business on the fixed basis the operators must buy licenses from the government and mind the terms of local legislation. The regulation is always aimed at increasing the income of the state by the means of gambling industry.

The operator, who runs online gaming business, is also required to be legalized. However, a company can make a choice of the country for the future operation under its jurisdiction.

The requirements and regulations are different in every country. This actually gives you a chance to build a successful business. All that is required is to examine thoroughly the legislation system to identify nuances and choose your  own niche.

Marketing tools to attract players

The online gambling audiences are quite different from the ones attendingland-based casinos. The task of an online operator is to attract visitors and retain them on the resource with the help of proven marketing tools as well as the newly created methods.

Advertising in social networks, personal e-mailing of news and current offers, affiliate programs, SEO and other ways of grabbing peoples´ attention arecrucial in attracting players to the gambling resources. It is important to adapt the marketing tools to the needs of specific audiences, usually influenced by  the realias of the target market.

Race for visitors

There is a competitive battle between the operators for each visitoron the Internet. Skillfully elaborated marketing tools and rewards programs are created and designed to attract players and evoke loyalty in them.

Land based operators offer free drinks, show tickets and other gifts for gamblers to catch their attention and make them  come over again and again. Online business attracts players by offering bonuses for registration and prizes for visits.

Gamblers´ loyalty

Mostland - based casinos use the same methods for keeping and attracting players. They use an old but true principle that keeping gamblersis easier than finding the new ones, because it requires more efforts. The loyalty of players is won  withinbonuses and generous promotions.

Gamblers must be sure that their return will bring them new rewards. Many online operators use affiliate programs to promote high rollers (players who bet on big wages) and regular visitors. Close communication with gamblers allows you to detect certainpreferences of your audiences.

Attractive content and personal interest

An Internet gambleris a capricious client easily substituting gaming resources for the new ones,  chasing freshthrills and big profits. Online casinos use simple tricks such aspleasing visuals and high-quality game content to attract users’ attention.

Most online players prefer high-tech games with good graphics and interesting visual effects. The newly- created gaming resource should cover different targets of audience and use high-quality gamecontent,able to satisfyall the player’sneeds. The quality of the games is predetermined by provider’s status.

Casino and sports betting

Online operators offeringa diverse game content hosted on the unified platforms are always taking the leading positions. They are less likely to keep an eye on deflux of gamers from the casino, just because they do not have such a tool on the website.

An important component of a successful gambling resource is selection of  reliable software developer s ready to provide high-quality platforms that meet all the requirements. The secret of a profitable gambling business is in successfully integrated software with option of sports betting and gambler’s personal  wallet, as well as in simplified monitoring and controlling system.


Online gambling today is still not an absolute alternative to land based casinos. The development of IT-technologies presupposes a certain time in future when online gambling sector will outrun land based casinos in terms of revenues.

By choosing reliable software vendors and developers of quality gaming products, you enable yourself to create your own online gambling empire in the real world.