Many people remember one-armed bandits standing in passages and small cafes, where you could toss a coin and try your luck. The principle of operation of old machines has changed significantly; new technologies have appeared.

Despite the existence of land casinos, players have flocked to the online space where various devices from the well-known game software developers are available. Slotegrator provides an overview of working principles of online slots, which each gamer should be aware of.

How a slot is organized

Well-known one-armed bandits were electromechanical. A player pulled the handle, the reel rotated pausing on certain characters. The reel rotated on a metal rod and was stopped through the brake system with a certain algorithm. Sensors analyzed the combination of symbols and gave out winnings in the case of characters match.

Later, the electromechanical slots were replaced with electric ones, where reels were driven by an electric motor; eventually, electronic gaming machines supplanted them.

Modern emulators, standing in the casino gaming halls, have electronic stuffing - a processor with a random number generator (RNG). The work of slots in the casino is based on this principle. The generator produces random numbers; the combination of symbols on the reels should be different from the previous one.

Can you trust the RNG

The random number generator is cryptographically protected by 128-bit algorithm md5 to be recorded with 32 hexadecimal characters. This algorithm, developed by the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is widely used in electronic security systems. In particular, personal computer passwords are protected by md5.

Despite the fact that the algorithm was developed a few decades ago, it is a difficult task to hack it, which occupies a considerable amount of time. The algorithm is constantly being improved; the newest add-ons are used to make it tamper-proof.

Game software developers eliminate the possibility of reprogramming the chips even at the stage of their release. Experts say that despite the theoretical possibility of hacking, any practical facts have not been registered yet.

The gaming machines use algorithm md5, thanks to which a casino is in no way able to influence the outcome of the game, ensuring the randomness of falling combinations.

Variety of slot machines

The modern industry produces a huge number of various gaming machines, which have different thematic design attracting bonuses and special game modes. However, the slot apparatus remains the same.

Manufacturers of gaming software release slot machines with three or five reels. The reels contain 20 to 25 different characters, the appearance of which depends on the slot themes. Depending on the number of reels and symbols, 8 thousand to 9.8 million combinations may fall during a game. By no means all of them are winning.

Many developers have introduced extra characters, enhancing the attractiveness of the machine - wild, scatter, bonus, and joker. These images bring large cash prizes, and provide an access to special bonus levels.  Bonus rounds include free spins promising significant winnings.

Lines and payouts

The payout depends on the bet and the combination of symbols. There are machines accepting small bets (sometimes less than $ 1) and providing frequent prizes available to a wide range of gamers; there are also expensive spins starting from $ 5, which are primarily used by high rollers.

Each machine has built-in winning combinations - prize lines. They may have different configurations - horizontal / vertical / diagonal / zigzags match of images. The number of lines for payout varies from five to several dozen. The number of active lines, e.g. those that are involved in spins to form winning chains, can be adjusted starting from one and ending with the maximum number, stipulated in each specific slot.

Successful combinations start from three identical images appearing on the active lines. In some cases, a winning chain may be formed of two identical characters. A winning combination is highlighted, and the account is credited with hall chips or real money.

The game performance or slot payout percentages are important factors for gamblers. The US law requires the payout percentage to be not less than 90%. Manufacturers produce machines with 82 - 98% of pay-off. This means the casino, which has installed a slot on its resource, receive 2-18% commission from gaming machine users. The rest of the funds invested by gamers is used for winnings.

How to play slot machines in online casinos

After confirming the honesty and transparency of the online casino, it is no harm to try your luck using a variety of gaming products. Many websites offer visitors the opportunity to try the machine in demo mode.

A free game allows you to evaluate the gameplay and the probability of winning. Advantageously, the graphical and musical arrangement of a video slot is attractive and obtained bonuses stimulate to play for real money.

To start playing for real money, you need to register on the website, make a deposit and choose a favourite gaming machine. The next step is a matter of technology. A gamer should select the number of lines and the size of a bet at its own discretion.

Respectable casinos offer welcome bonuses for registration, which can be used to their advantage. It is necessary to choose the online resources with a high degree of confidence among players; such websites are usually located on the top of the thematic ratings.

Choose popular machines, which are preferred by most gamers, because the popularity depends on the percentage of payments. Such devices are known as "hot" and are always marked in the lobby of the club. Some devices have built-in progressive jackpot, reaching significant numbers.

Slot game rules on the example of Endorphina's Football

Let's analyze the slot operation on the example of Endorphin's slot. The front page promises to dive you into the football theme. Pressing the START button, the player finds itself in the thick of things.

There is a football field before your eyes and a 5-reel video slot in the middle of it.  There is a bankroll and a small audio and screen setup menu at the top of the screen.

The control buttons are located at the bottom:

  • A bet amount, which can be adjusted by mouse clicks ($1 to $ 100 per line);

  • A menu, where you can see the payout table and adjust display, auto mode, and sound settings;

  • A scoreboard with total bet amount, depending on the number of active lines;
  • A button setting the number of participating lines for payments - 1 to 21;

  • An Auto Play button, which turns into Take Risk with a winning combination. The auto mode configuration is adjusted in the Menu;

  • A Spin button starts the reels.

The humorous images of characters draw attention. They include traditional card nominations - Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and

  • Boot
  • Glove
  • Stopwatch
  • Red and yellow cards
  • Cup (joker)
  • Whistle (bonus, scatter)

The wild symbol, also known as Joker, can replace other symbols to form a winning chain, except for the scatter symbol and the bonus image. It is also paid separately - the payout ratio varies from the number of identical characters on the screen.

The whistle brings free spins (15 to 45), depending on the number of prior similar images. In addition, the coefficient of winning chains will be tripled.

Football provides the risk game (or equal odds game), which can be used after each successful combination. A gamer has to choose one out of 4 proposed cards, which value is higher than the value of the face-up card. The risk game can be used 10 times, doubling the winnings each time.

The payout table introduces a multiplier factor for each image. The relevant section in the Menu is marked with the symbol "I".

To sum up

Through the example of Endorphina's slot dedicated to the major sporting event - Euro 2016, you can see how interesting a game play is. Although the work of most slots is based on the same principles, thematic colourful design and animation component attract the audience.

Famous musicians, athletes, characters from cartoons and blockbusters become the heroes of slot machines. Developers integrate new, fresh topics, thus stimulating gamers to play online game. It is so simple to win huge prizes; your patience will be compensated.