Bitcoin is conquering gambling market step by step - every year utilization rate of the cryptocurrency as major one in online gaming houses all over the world grows. Due to a number of features Bitcoin is considered to be almost perfect payment unit for casinos. Realizing the benefits of working with virtual currency many operators create Bitcoin projects, providing their customers with such benefits as anonymity, high speed of transactions, absence of governmental control of any country, independence, security.

It is these advantages that attract players from around the world. Bitcoin players are progressive and modern people straining after innovations. Before starting a Bitcoin project, operator should carefully study the target audience, since this group of people has their own features and requirements. If operator doesn’t meet their demands, the favor of the customers will not be won.

Who are modern Bitcoin players? We will try to figure it out and create a profile of Bitcoin casino customer taking into account various features.


Bitcoin was developed in the United States and gained widespread currency in North America. About 50% of Bitcoin casino players live in Canada and the USA; nearly 30% of players are from European countries and the remaining 20% are people from Asia, Africa, South America and the CIS. Thus, Bitcoin is virtual currency of the West and most highly developed countries. It means Bitcoin casino clients prefer stability, keep on the right side of the law and appreciate their safety.

As for the languages that are used in Bitcoin casinos, percentage ratio is as following: English - 38%, Russian - 26%, Spanish - 5%, Portuguese - 3%.


Bitcoin players are people with high income, and it is a huge advantage for the operator, since it guarantees stable revenue. In order to have bitcoins people should have certain funds, that is why target audience of the casino has medium income or higher.


According to the research Bitcoin casino players are young people between 25 and 34 years, predominantly male (more than 80%); although in recent years there is a tendency of the female audience growth. Age group of the target audience is also expands: Older people begin to trust bitcoins and actively use them in their everyday life. It can be assumed that in the near future, even conservative and mature audience of online casinos will appreciate the advantages of the cryptocurrency of the future.

Interests and activities

The range of Bitcoin users' interests is quite wide, but several main areas may be distinguished: innovation technology, financial markets and the world of entertainment in all its forms. Young people with good income have university degree; they are computer programmers, IT specialists and financial officers. Often Bitcoin players are well versed in the cryptocurrency system; they are technically savvy and have some experience. Therefore the requirements of such audience will be high and operators should take it into account while creating the project.

Knowing the target audience of Bitcoin casino, as well as its detailed analysis will help operators to get maximum profit, meeting the needs of the customers and understanding their psychology.