Offline or online casino operation? Which one to choose?

Current trends in modern gambling industry have become a mix of land-based operation and creation of online projects.

Transition to online sector opens up many opportunities to operators: audience accumulation, increase of the variety of services and goods and as a result business development in general.

Moreover, in many countries, land-based casino operation is severely restricted or completely prohibited, that is why gamblers have to turn to foreign online resources in order to play for money and just have fun. The demand for online gaming portals is constantly growing. The target audience of this gambling segment varies depending on the country, but it should be noted that thanks to innovative technology, freedom of online casino players, variety of game content and types of services on gambling portals the number of online casino users is growing year by year.

Imagine that, no matter in which country players are or which game preferences they have, they are able to gamble using computer or smartphone whenever they want.

It is impossible to say which type of operation – offline or online – is easier or less expensive. These two types of gambling have fundamentally different technologies, legislation and types of licenses. Nevertheless transition from land-based to online type may be very smooth and safe, without losses and risks for the operator.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casino operation


Pros of transition from the ground to the network

1. No players loss.

2. High percentage of returns, while working with original software (useful way to retain players).

3. Possibility to organize tournaments and thematic activities.

4. Possibility to complement system with new games and constantly expand the assortment of services (there is no reference to particular gambling machine).

5. Online slots do not require maintenance. Machines for land-based casinos eventually require technical upgrades or even a complete replacement. Moreover, the price of gaming machine may be as high as several tens of thousands of dollars while in an online casino, everything goes through integration.

6. While land-based gambling house may be visited mostly by those living “next door” to it, online casino opens its doors to everyone, wherever they live - another country or even another continent.

7. It is possible to play in an online casino wherever there is Internet access and computer. Advanced technologies offer opportunity to gamble using mobile devices and tablets.

8. Various visual designs of your project.

9. Online communities and forums dedicated to online casinos and gambling in general, allow players to get together for discussion and communication.

10. Player privacy (important factor).



1. Lack of live communication. Possibilities for communication with players in online casinos differ from those for land-based ones, but due to advanced technologies operators always stay in touch with customers via chat or other types of feedback.

2. Risk of winning loss. Sometimes players may come across fraudulent websites, which use unlicensed software and game content. To avoid this it is necessary to check all necessary documents and permits that are to be published on casino website.

3. Possibility of casino website blocking.

4. Cheap, cracked online casino scripts.

Best software and game content for transition to the network

Slotegrator provides full support at all stages of the transition to online operation. Together with our partner who deals with the creation of one of the best online casino platforms in the market – CasExe company, we will help you to create competitive online project that will bring profit soon, without risks and losses. Slotegrator will help to choose game content from the best producers, integrate the most popular payment systems and develop an effective marketing strategy for project promotion.

Transition process may take about 1-2 months and as the result operator will get launch-ready online project with exclusive set of functions and design as well as retained customer database.

On March 25 Vadim Potapenko, Senior Sales Manager at Slotegrator, held a training webinar on the topic: Benefits of casino operation in ONLINE sector. Within online communication, Vadim told about peculiarities of online casino operation and important nuances of transition from the ground to the network. The key grounds for the transition from offline to online operation are operator’s experience in gambling, availability of seed capital and existing customer database. With these three components, operator may open online project and be sure in its success. Vadim also noted that when you open a new project, it is important to make it original, different from many sites clones. Online project should have an exclusive idea, which will attract players and make the project competitive.

According to Vadim, the main advantages of online operation are longevity of the project, broader audience coverage, new opportunities and security compared to land-based casinos.

To get information on how to develop an individual and profitable online project you may contact Slotegrator experts via phone or mail. You will receive expert advice on each stage of the transition from the ground to the network.