The most important stage in the process of gambling project development is the selection and integration of gambling content. Game is the main thing that attracts players to a gambling institution. Thus, the assortment should be thoroughly elaborated, all factors should be taken into consideration: geographic reach of the casino, preferences and paying capacity of target audience, quality of games and their functional capabilities, popularity and relevance of content manufacturer, games should match the theme of casino. 

Today gambling market offers unbounded choice of casino game content. Given such a wide range of offerings, inexperienced operator can make a wrong decision, looking for famous brands without taking into consideration his financial possibilities, or vice versa – buying unlicensed software.

How to find a happy medium when choosing games for your casino, bringing success to the project and attracting high traffic to the casino website?

Target audience casino

From the very beginning you should take into account the fact that each online casino project needs an individual game content set, which has to meet needs of the target audience of the given gambling resource. For example, you really enjoy a specific casino, you put yourself into player’s shoes and understand that this casino has an ideal set of games; you have found everything you wanted on that single website. Thus, you decide to integrate a similar set into your project. But do not forget that you factored in preferences of only one player, having totally ignored the need of the whole target audience. At this stage it’s important to correctly describe your target audience and ultimately make a comprehensive picture of ideal customer for your product. You should take into account the location of your gambling resource, game language, themes and storylines, support of currencies, range of minimum/maximum bets, availability of bonus games, etc.

What provider to choose

There is a variety of content manufacturers, whose names are well-known for every participant of gambling world. Most frequently a beginning operator decides in favour of such famous brands, being sure that the single name of the company will guarantee the popularity of games.

It is largely true, but one should not forget that software from world leaders costs a lot, and sometimes is too expensive for ordinary operators. At this stage it’s important to accurately analyze the pricing policy of each company and weigh it against financial possibilities of your project.

Among content manufacturers there are many companies that offer high-quality and interesting games at more affordable prices. Moreover, some providers can form individual prices depending on customer’s possibilities.

But in any case, when choosing a game provider, pay attention to company’s reputation, quality and mathematics of games, language support, gameplay possibilities, availability of licenses and certificates, the position of games in various ratings from players and providers. And of course diversity is important – don’t stop on one provider, but try to offer alternatives to your customers.

Themes and types of games

Games selection depends on the type and sphere of casino activities: slots, card games, table games, live dealer games, lotteries, bets, etc.

If your casino focuses on slot machines, it is necessary to know their classification as well: according to the themes, number of reels, jackpot types, availability of special features or bonus games, return to player percentage, etc.

Once again, you need to understand and take into account the needs of your target audience. It’s vital to select games depending on gender and age peculiarities of users. 

Casino content plays a major role in successful development of gambling project, so one should take it seriously. Creative website design or super powerful marketing strategy won’t make your casino popular if players have a poor choice of games.

If you are skeptical about your possibilities to choose a profitable set of games, seek professional advice of game content suppliers, who will help you to make a list of providers, game types, and will provide you with all needed information about manufacturers and markets, will share ratings of the most popular games in different countries. Slotegrator Company not only offers a wide range of content from leading manufacturers, but also provides support in the process of games selection and their integration into casino.