Drawings in casinos are a multipurpose marketing tool for customer attraction. Operators aim not only to keep users but also to attract new potentially active gamblers.

Prizes, special offers, loyalty programs, bonus crediting to the game account – all of these are the integral part of gambling venue marketing campaign. The higher casino status is, the bigger winnings are offered. It stirs up the audience interest, establishes trust relationships between a customer and operator, as well as allows to keep attention of unlucky gamblers.

Kinds of online casino drawings

Drawings in the virtual gambling club can be conditionally divided into the following categories:

  1. Welcome bonus – registration bonus – is especially relevant for new casino operators, aiming to keep gamblers on their resources.
  2. Bonus for filling payment details is generally provided by upscale clubs, which target audience includes entrepreneurs, businesspeople, in other words people with above-average regular income. Bonus is given when the administration checks and confirms provided bank account details.
  3. Bonus for the first deposit is a frequently used casino drawing. There is the following concept: a gambler makes deposit to the account once, which means that the venue somehow definitely attracts them. Thus, the operator heightens their interest to the casino, encouraging with a little but pleasant bonus to the account.
  4. Daily bonuses are used rarely, generally, by gambling club operators occupying quite low positions on the online gambling market (regardless of venue location). In such a way, the operator encourages customers, adding small bonus credits to their accounts and trying to stay on the market by all means.
  5. Casino website activity bonus is given to those players who spend a long time on the resource. Their contribution to the gambling venue income is a sequence higher, unlike those gamblers who play only a couple of hours per day. Trying to keep such customers, the administration encourages their activity correspondingly. Player’s psychological addiction is also a significant factor in this drawing. An active gambler tries to reach TOP positions at every possible way, aiming to get not only a prize (generally, small) but also a respectable status, which is more significant for them than the winning.
  6. Online casino welcome back bonus. Some gambling venues offer such a bonus program if they see customer’s long-term absence in the game, particularly, if it is the active player. The administration sends the mailout, offering a luxury prize when the customer returns to their traditional casino activity.
  7. The prize for long-term chapter of accidents is provided to support the gambler: partial return of deposited money, so the player has a chance to chase losses. Customers are quite positive regarding such an offer, because this drawing shows company’s interest in gamblers. Mostly, it is resulted in more active playing on the virtual casino website.

Prizes and special offers

Sometimes each gambling venue adds new games. That is why the administration announces additional bonus programs for clients in order to draw attention of the audience to new products in the casino portfolio.

The most popular promo campaigns are the following:

  • additional deposit free spins in slot machines
  • deposit free bets on sports events
  • return of loss per cent (cashback)
  • opportunity to receive prize scores for active playing.

These promo offers are applied to new products of the venue, which the administration stresses in the program description.

In particular cases, some virtual casino operators offer bonuses for attracting one more gambler and prizes for subsequent deposits (not the first deposit of the game account). Certainly, it inspires clients for active playing, keeps attention of newcomers and, in general, positively influences operators’ income.

What opportunities does Slotegrator platform provide for operators?

To attract Slotegrator customers who have established their online casino on the platform of company partner CASEXE, there is a range of revolutionary offers, being effective within the partnership agreement with customers.

Launching a virtual gambling venue on CASEXE platform, you receive:

  • built-in bonus templates that can be expanded/decreased if you wish
  • jackpot capability
  • free refilling of deposits to play for the game sake: setting on a regular basis or attachment to certain events
  • pop-up messages to encourage activity and increase players’ loyalty
  • selective gamblers’ rewarding (conducted manually by casino authorized officer)
  • built-in tools to manage SEO
  • Adjustable retrieved losses conditions: conducted individually, depending on operator’s demands.

Besides, owing the virtual gambling club on CASEXE platform, you can contact company managers with an enquiry to adjust e-mail marketing. Bonus deposit systems management can be conducted manually or automatically. To implement the latter, one should specify time and date parameters of the start/end of the promo campaign.

Slotegrator partner’s platform is a cross functional and flexible product that guarantees total security and carte blanche for operators. Aggregator customers using developer’s brand platform note the great opportunities for operators and gamblers.

You can develop your own unique offers and privately discuss the way of their integration into CASEXE platform. Implement the most interesting ideas along with Slotegrator and company partner CASEXE.