VR technology is evolving as quickly as the gambling market does. Earlier we could see virtual reality only in blockbusters, but today this innovation is no longer something unimaginable for a regular person. It also affects entrepreneurs, wishing to create an online casino, but having no idea which niche to choose: virtual reality, live or social casino.

Advantages of VR gambling

Global gambling market experts share the same opinion: virtual reality will change the entire gambling industry, having positive impact on operators and customers, rather than providing negative experience.

First of all, analysts note that there is already a positive dynamics in the live casino niche. It is a virtual reality to a certain extent: gamblers can experience the authenticity and socialization, when playing live casino at real tables.

A lot of users share their positive experience of playing live games, focusing on the fact that you can imagine yourself playing in the best gambling venues of Las Vegas, but staying at home and sitting in front of your computer at the same time. Highly qualified personnel improve positive experience greatly. According to Igor Chistyakov from Lucky Streak, to be a dealer is good, but to be a highly competent professional, who makes the customers to come and make their bets over and over again is much better, yet harder.

With the application of virtual reality players will be able to put chips on the table, take cards and press buttons of slot machines on their own. All these features do improve excitement and make online gambling even more attractive and interesting not only for gamblers, but also for those looking for something exciting, vibrant and unconventional.

What changes will cause VR gambling in online sector?

To create an online casino using VR technologies requires a lot of efforts and money. Casino engine should have a wide range of functions and be able to work smoothly even at high traffic. In addition, being a keystone of gambling venue, the platform, or base, should be developed according to the latest trends and advanced innovations. It should also include 100% interaction between developers and online casino operators, as well as upgradeability.

If talking about legal regulation, it should be mentioned that the casino license for operating VR gambling venue and regular online casino is the same. At least, European and the CIS regulators do not initiate toughening of the regulation regarding innovative online gambling solutions.

Another important aspect of the VR gambling is the support of mobile, i.e. the use of VR casino via mobile devices. It requires the involvement of not only highly professional experts, but also quite large investments.

On the other hand, the global online gambling market accounts for more than $40 billion, with online casinos being very similar to each other. Integration of virtual reality will bring new and unique features, diversify the offers and make online gambling even more attractive for users, acting as a 100% tool for getting positive gaming experience. And of course, VR gambling will have a direct impact on the global gambling market, thus increasing the profitability of the sector at the global level.