Recent studies by Slotegrator have shown that nowadays Affiliate Programs are considered to be the most effective tools in promotion of online gambling web sites. Let's take a closer look at them.

Partner (or affiliate) programs are special marketing Internet resources aimed at generating  dynamic links to various online casino sites. They take into account the click-through rate of each separate link, as well as monitor all further players’ actions, eventually allowing to calculate partner’s rewards.

How does an online casino affiliate program function?

Online casinos conclude contracts with affiliate programs. Partners either provide their clients, or potential gamblers, with reference links or simply place online casino ad banners on their Internet resources. In order to place a link, webmasters fit in special scripts into their Internet platforms received from affiliate programs.

Users click on such a link and are automatically redirected to the website of a certain gambling house. Some of users start gambling right away. The affiliate program pays off a certain percent of commission to the partner depending on the player’s actions.

Thus, online casino websites receive inbound traffic, while payments to partners are rewarded only if visitors start gambling.

Types of affiliate programs

There exist three main types of affiliate programs:

  1. Unilevel. It means that partners receive their payments only for those gamblers they brought in personally. The principle is the same as in getting commission for making a direct sale. If a partner wants to benefit once again from this affiliate program, he/she needs to bring in another player, and so on.
  2. Binary. Here, in addition to being paid for bringing in gamblers, the partner receives a fee from losses of those gamblers. It means that each player brings bonuses to the partner, while he/she gambles at an online casino.
  3. Multilevel. Its principle is almost the same as the one used in binary affiliation, but it looks more like network marketing. In addition to payments received for "fellow" gamblers, the partner gets a fee for the users brought in by his players, etc.

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How to invite players to the casino affiliate program?

This primarily depends on a webmaster’s professionalism and his/her online resource’s popularity. At this point, it’s  a purely creative process.

There are no clear approaches to creativity, but there still exist a couple of standard methods:

  • It is highly advisable to start considering conditions of a certain affiliate program.
  • It is important to analyze consumer-oriented characteristics of your audience. What are players guided by? What are they motivated by?  What kind of games do they prefer?
  • It is necessary to use various marketing techniques to attract potential players and to encourage them to follow the link. For example: promo actions, bonus coupons, and promo codes limited in time.
  • There has to be a bright, colorful, and interesting content on the web resource. It always attracts users and keeps them on the site. In this case, various educational videos, animation effects, etc. would be very useful.
  • The content should be clear, and  navigation - as convenient as possible. As the experience of numerous Internet portals shows, it is better to use a button that says, "go to casino" or "start the game," rather than trying to mislead a potential player.
  • It is also important not only to redirect players to the casino website through an affiliate link, but also to make them stay on a particular resource. In order to reach this goal, the website itself should be dynamic. In this very case forums, publication of news, ratings and reviews serve really well.
  • Another effective method to retain audiences includes traditional advertising at social networks, blogs and forums, as well as creation of thematic publics and pages.
  • The so-called "word of mouth" is one of the most trustworthy methods. Therefore, distribution of information among friendly circles is very useful.
  • Purchase of teaser or contextual traffic of a similar or cross-subject.

These are only general recommendations. All partners use different methods to attract players. It depends on their experience and skills in development and promotion of online resources.

CPA Affiliate Programs

The abbreviation CPA means "cost-per-action", in other words - a payment for the action. In our case, this is a payment for the attracted player. Here a lump-sum commission is paid to the partner for certain actions  from his player. Typically, it is:

  • a completed registration form;
  • a subscription or a deposit.

CPS Affiliate Programs

The abbreviation CPS is "cost-per-sale", this is to say - a payment for the sale. In this case, the partner who brought the player to an online casino receives a payment in the form of a certain percentage of each loss. Nevertheless, almost all of such partner programs subtract certain percentage of player’s winnings from the partner's bonus account. In this case, the final balance is monthly resumed. At the same time, some affiliate programs have a negative balance (caused by large or frequent winnings) is transferred to the next month while other - reset it.

Slotegrator recommends

Among the most popular affiliate programs for online casinos, Slotegrator recommends the following: Post Affiliate Pro – an intuitive, fast and reliable affiliate script with many features. It has everything you need to run your own affiliate program. The system tracks referrals for the affiliate links, charges commissions, keeps track of payments, and many other services. NetRefer – one of the leading resources focused on the gambling segment. NetRefer has all the necessary functions for the affiliate development. Partners are provided with free training where all the functions are explained step by step. Moreover, a professional team will consult how to use all the possibilities with its help. Income Access -  is considered to be one of the best affiliate networks in the online gambling industry. Income Access has achieved significant success within five years of operation: currently the program includes more than 25,000 partners, 22,000 of which are affiliated with online casino operators on mutually beneficial terms.

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