To create a casino from scratch is very time consuming process that requires certain expertise. Slotegrator will accompany you within all the stages of development of online-gambling project and will help to bring high-quality and competitive product to the market.

Market analysis

Gambling market has covered the whole world. Online casinos exist on the Internet so users of any country are able to play in it. Before opening an online casino Slotegrator experts will ask you: what market is your target? Each country has its own peculiarities of gambling market, and in order to understand target audience and games and products that will be the most successful it is necessary to analyze situation on the chosen market. Slotegrator experts will provide you with all necessary information about the current situation in the industry, which will become useful background at the beginning of your own game project creation.

Obtaining a license

Creating an online casino is a project that requires licensing. For reliable operating and customer confidence, online gambling business must be legalized by obtaining a license.

Today in a number of countries you can easily and without any obstacles obtain the Curacao gaming license, for example, or Kahnawake, Austria, Gibraltar, Belize, Costa Rica and the Isle of Man. Of course, every country has its own features and benefits. Slotegrator will advise you about all peculiarities and license obtaining procedure in different countries. We'll tell you about the pros and cons of obtaining a license in different jurisdictions, so that you can choose the most favorable option and not to make a mistake in such an important issue as obtaining a license.

Domain name purchase

Choosing a domain name, or in other words, the name for your casino website is very important step while creating a new business because nomen est omen. The name of your project should attract attention and immediately sink into the mind. Moreover style and popularity of your project also depends on the domain name, because it is a kind of a “sign” of your casino, which will introduce you throughout the Internet. Slotegrator experts will help you to choose successful domain name for your online casino and will assist you while buying it.

Hosting purchase

Server that will host your project on the Internet must have high technical quality to ensure smooth operation of your online casino website. Online Casinos may be visited by many players from around the world at the same time; therefore it is necessary to have hosting with high capacity in order to withstand heavy traffic. Moreover, being an entertainment resource, online casino provides money operations. That is why you should be extremely scrupulous in choosing a hosting server; poorly protected servers won’t fit this purpose. Slotegrator cooperates with proven and reliable providers only and offers hosting services that provide reliable continuous operation of the site, protection against hacking and attacks, around the clock technical support and convenient administrative tools.

Website development

While creating a website for online casino, it is very important to pay attention to two components: comfort and design.

Your casino website should be easy to use so that players do not spend time searching or wandering in the labyrinth of menus, but start playing immediately. Slotegrator experts will consult on common technical and interface requirements.

Slotegrator offers a platform that can meet diverse needs of operators. In fact, you will get a ready-made turnkey solution with already developed website and possibility to administer it. You will get a multi-level control panel that allows you to add and delete menu items, control game content, payment systems, bonuses and reports. Features of administrative system give you control over all modules of the platform.


Your online casino gambling hall should be unique. Ready-made design solutions can be used to save time, but if you want to get competitive and convenient website that will attract users with its unique, creative and well-remembered design, it is better to create your own individual design.

Slotegrator will provide you with best professionals who are be able to bring your vision of website design to life at the highest level possible.

Platform integration

Platform has such elements as security systems, game content, payment systems, and management tools. All of them are united in one single platform and form a basis for online casino operation.

Slotegrator offers you the best platforms and ready-made solutions that will allow you to create your own project from scratch, without spending huge sums and a lot of time.

Games integration

Game is that very thing visitors come to your casino and spend money for. The choice of game content should be circumspect and deliberate one. It is necessary to take into account particular geographical location of your casino and its type: whether it is incredibly realistic live casino or hall with slots.

Slotegrator offers its customers big variety of games from leading producers. Each game from Slotegrator is an example of innovative approach and diligent work of the world's best developers, designers and programmers. We are ready to assist you in choosing the most appropriate and high-quality game content for your online casino. Slotegrator’s game portfolio includes best slots, table and card games and games with live dealers.

Payment systems integration

Slotegrator can provide your online casino with any existing payment system and will advise you to integrate as many of them as possible for the convenience of your visitors. We offer you payment systems from such producers as Skrill, Visa, Webmoney, Qiwi, Superomatic and many others. The fact is the following the more convenient it is for players to make payments, the more of them will they make.

Security system

Online casino is a business project, which needs reliable security system, because there are many ways of fraud on the part of players or external hacker attacks. And it is operators that should take care of all website data protection and to protect themselves from risks that may lead to funds loss.

Slotegrator offers operators a platform that has in-built multi-level security systems. Moreover, you will receive all necessary information on the implementation of additional security solutions to minimize risks.

Marketing strategies

Your online casino needs promotion and all round ad campaign. Being operated on the Internet, online casino needs all marketing operations are to be conducted through the Internet. There are many ways of website promotion, from social networks to e-mail newsletters.

Slotegrator provides detailed advice on the development and using of such marketing strategies for effective advertising as SEO optimization, news and press releases, bonus systems and loyalty programs for customers.

Customer support

Being casino operator and owner, you should always have possibility to communicate with customers, especially if customer has problems or difficulties, standing on the way of positive gaming experience. Reliable customer support system will help you to avoid conflicts and negative comments about your online casino. With the help of such system all problems will be solved quickly and efficiently. You also will be able to monitor all malfunctions and on the basis of information received, prevent them in future.

Working with high rollers

Professional players who deal with huge bets and bring large amounts of income to your online casinos require special attention and approach. In your casino there should be special conditions and bonuses for high rollers in order to retain such customers. Slotegrator experts will tell you about the most effective methods of retention and encouragement of loyal customers.

New and regular customers

Regular customer visits to the casino guarantee regular revenue for an operator. Everything in your casino should be organized in such a way as to meet needs of both regular and new customers. Pay attention to games, periodically update your content and monitor reports. Creating and opening a casino is only the beginning of the long-term business project. For making fixed return you need to work on the development of your casino, introduce new tools to stimulate and retain players. Slotegrator will provide you with all necessary information about the development of the most effective systems to increase activity and loyalty of the customers.

Using all abovementioned services Slotegrator tends to simplify and optimize the process of creating an online casino, so that you become an owner of a quality product that can operate effectively on the market and bring you strong revenue stream.