Is there any difference between licensed software and counterfeit scripts? Why is it important to know the difference? The truth is that trustworthy casinos with licenses use only original licensed software provided by renowned developers of video slots. Casinos that don’t have licenses usually resort to using scripts, which are, broadly speaking, counterfeit or fake slots. Gambling houses offering bootleg software cannot obtain a license from any established organization granting these kinds of documents. That’s why availability of a license is a key factor that has to be considered above all.

How to tell an original slot from a fake one

It’s quite easy to tell an original slot from a counterfeit one. All licensed games can be downloaded only from certain servers belonging to certain providers. Check thoroughly where online casino slots are automatically redirected to (to what server) during the process of downloading. Pay attention to what is happening during downloading of original demo versions, as in order to check the slot, you don’t have to make deposits or play on real money.

How to check:

  1. Click on the demo slot you want to check.
  2. In the window where the game is downloading, press the right mouse button and open Adobe Flash Player settings. There you may see the address of the server. Every provider has its own servers and by their names it’s easy to tell whether they are original or just cheap scripts.
  3. Another way: click with the right mouse button on the image of the downloading slot and in the opened window click on ¨examine code¨ or any other option of the same kind depending on the type of browser you are using. By doing so, you can easily find out from which server you download the game and figure out whether it is an original of a fake slot.
  4. If slots by different providers are downloaded from one and the same server (under the same name) and if this server is not official, at least for one of the providers, these slots are 100% fake.

Casinos based on licensed software

Random number generators (RNG) designed to generate random winning combinations in licensed casinos are regularly tested and checked by independent international organizations. Apart from that, iGaming software providers and casino owners themselves are supervised by such organizations in order to prevent them from performing any kind of manipulations targeted at introducing changes or altering the principles of RNG functioning. Though it is not as easy as it seems at first, as long as all licensed slots are hosted on certain servers belonging to providers, and players gambling at casinos with licensed slots are easily connected to these servers. Thousands of casinos having gained the right to use licensed games offer original slots by connecting its customers to the same servers. In other words, all slots by one developer functioning in different casinos do not differ from each other. Moreover, the majority of iGaming software providers offer huge jackpots. Such jackpots are made of certain amounts of money charged from each bet made at every slot belonging to this provider. That’s why you can get potentially big wins only in casinos based on licensed software.

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“Gods of Luck” in script based casinos

So what happens in script based casinos functioning on counterfeit software? They have nothing to do with the algorithms used in licensed slots. The only common thing between them is the visual layout with rolling reels and winning combinations. However, in this very case results of each spin do not depend on the provider’s licensed RNG, but upon the casino owner controlling the administrative panel of his own gambling house. Particularly owners adjust algorithms of slot functioning according to their own needs.

Such unlicensed games can be downloaded from anywhere but servers belonging to the iGaming software provider. Consequently, such slots are not connected to the unified system of jackpots. Even if there are jackpots they have nothing to do with brand progressive jackpots offered by licensed providers. Thus, online casino owners are considered to be “Gods of luck” just because only these people decide whether to “feed you “something or rip you off.

Servers of licensed slots

  • Servers of licensed slots by NetEnt go under the name
  • Servers of licensed slots by Microgaming go under the name
  • Quickspin. Licensed servers go under the name If casinos do not offer a lot of slots by this very provider, they might be connected to Quickfire server. In this case the address of the server will sound the same Quickfire. Consequently, original Quickspin slot have servers under the name of
  • While playing Endorphina slots on real money make sure the name of the server is
  • Licensed slots by iSoftbet are downloaded from its main server
  • Original slots by Betsoft always have * servers.

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