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establish online casino on your own

How to establish online casino on your own

Nowadays, a virtual gambling club can be established by everyone having cleared funds for investments in business. Online casino establishment supposes an enterprise formal registration, software purchase/lease, and domain name registration.  

The next stages include developing and filling the website with gaming software, payment systems, bonus programs, etc. Equally important aspect is gambling activity legalization by obtaining government’s permit for gambling management. The latter depends on casino type and location. However, the most relevant licenses are the ones issued by gambling regulators of Malta, Isle of Man, Curacao, Kahnawake, and Australia.             

How to establish online casino based on ready-made software

A virtual gambling venue can be established without leaving home, using configurator, the innovative product of CASEXE, Slotegrator partner. It is a free development with a series of restrictions:    

  • work under tertiary domain; 
  • template website structure and design;
  • standard functionality.

To start working with configurator, you should complete a simple registration on CASEXE website. Then, adetailedguideofonlinecasinoestablishmentstages will be sent to the given email address. 

Besides stuff included into standard configurator set, you will easily able to make adjustments according to the wishes. In turn, it supposes fixed value in accordance with company price, which you can check with CASEXE managers.          

Mini guide of work with configurator

Everyone regardless of skills and knowledge will be able to work with configurator. Obtaining the guide, you will be able to start implementing virtual casino project on your own immediately. 

Main stages of gambling venue establishment:

  • come up with the name
  • choose one of templates
  • select games and payment online services
  • download your design and content
  • setup bonus and reports system.

Each step is described in detail in the guide. A virtual gambling club is managed via the admin panel. If it is necessary, CASEXE team will be able to provide online support.     

Please note that CASEXE configuration doesn’t have any analogues, is a secure and easy-to-use product. More than 50 projects of virtual gambling venues on the European markets that have been successfully operating since their opening are based on it. The latest CASEXE development was Bitcoin casino called BitVegas, the project in association with Slotegrator.     


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