Stereotypes set by the society claim that gambling is for the sterner sex only. However, the recent studies have shown that women readily gamble too. Slotegrator has made its own research on this matter, taking into account certain market trends, and is ready to share its discoveries with you.

Gamblers’ profiles

The British scientists argue, that in recent ten years (from 1999 to 2010) the number of women gambling in casinos has grown up to 3%,while the quantity of men dropped to 1%, however, addiction to gambling among women is equal to 0,3%, unlike men, of course. According to the research, women from 45 to 65 are considered to be regular casino clients. The senior women over 75 seem not to fall behind, as their general quantity boosted up to 11%. So, this is how the frail sex is gradually turning to gambling, each decade showing 2% growth in numbers.

As for the quantity of men preferring slots, their numbers have not changed.

It is commonly believed, that women play lottery games much more frequently than board games, finding them too complicated. This erroneous myth was busted completely by the example of Kathy Liebert, who won $5 mil. in a poker tournament. Moreover, 35% of Slotegrator’s audience is comprised of women interested in gambling and running their own successful businesses in this commercial area.

The difference between male and female approaches to gambling

Generally, men tend to play more aggressively and sometimes it gets too far, as long as some of them can eagerly put their last shirts on stake. In contrast to them, women are rather pragmatic and sensible. They know perfectly well what is the right time to stop and constantly rewind in mind all the things they are going to spend their money on after they win. Women visit casinos, but still, you might see less females than males in casino lobbies. These are the most widespread stereotypes that are quite hard to beat. Women are very concerned about chores and kids, so this is their own way to relax a bit. 

Definitely, women get excited while gambling, but this passion is always more or less reasonable. And, surely, this is the way they assert themselves, as all the males do.

Internet age

Within the advent of online casinos, women have started playing more due to omnipresence of the Internet. It seems to be a very appealing idea for the females to get away from all the mundane worries and win relevant amounts of money at the same time. Meanwhile, anonymity is also a very important matter.

Among the current trends on market, we should mention growing popularity of online casino applications designed for mobile devices. Applications seem to be actively sought by women in the age groups between 30 and 35 and those over 50 years (make up approximately 29%). The percentage of women gambling via mobile applications comprised 42% in 2012, and in 2014 it increased up to 47%.

Many of casino owners open new branches designed and aimed solely at female audiences. Year by year, the share of such specialized casinos is only growing.

Developers tend to resort to ¨girly¨ themes while elaborating and designing their new slots, devoting them to TV series heroes and coloring them into pinky colors adding up various attributes of that kind.  Such slots are unlikely to be popular among men, as long as their main target audience is female, of course.

Women in online casinos

There are a couple of ways to boost women’s audiences. In order to accomplish this, one should take into consideration their interests, gambling methods and techniques, as well as their general attitude to the whole process.

Slotegrator recommends to:

  • Place slot commercials aimed at females only;
  • Install a couple of games with live male dealers;
  • Bonuses for women while registering  (after the process of identification);
  • Clothing or item encouragement– many will turn into active visitors of the resource just because they can get, for instance, their favorite fragrances in exchange for loyalty.

In other words, women are as risky as men are. These days they are spending more and more time gambling online and the most courageous of them visit traditional land-based casinos. The world is undergoing changes and the old stereotypes tend to fade away.