Casino license is an official permission to run a gambling business, issued by the special commission (jurisdiction). It allows online casino operators to easily work with the software providers and payment systems, as well as to grow their business in the many national markets. If you want your online casino project to be legal, reputable, and credible, obtaining a gambling license should be your number one priority.

In this article, you will find out how to obtain casino license and learn the top gambling jurisdictions.

What to consider before choosing the gambling jurisdiction and licensing?

Today, more than 80 countries allow gambling activities within their territories. When choosing a gambling jurisdiction, you should focus initially on the following factors:

  • geographical spread of online casino players;
  • tax system of the selected jurisdiction;
  • sum of money you are ready to spend on a licensing.

Before applying for a license, we recommend following several crucial steps:

To turn to a gambling lawyer for assistance. Why is it so important to consult with a specialist first? The Slotegrator's lawyer has got you covered:

"One of the main benefits of consulting a lawyer, who is experienced in the gambling law and the online casino business, is that such a lawyer will help to choose the right jurisdiction in which to apply for a license. Obtaining a gambling license in the correct country will make finding business partners (software suppliers etc.), customers or opening bank accounts easier. The country which the license is from makes quite a big difference in that sense. Obtaining a license in the country will help the operators to find business partners, providers and customers, but also facilitate the opening of Bank accounts.
Another benefit is that an experienced lawyer can help the operator complete the whole license application process (which can be fairly complicated in certain countries) successfully and more easily.”

To review taxation system of the chosen country. As an operator, you should thoroughly examine the laws of the given country to know in advance about all the ins and outs of its licensing.

To collect all the necessary papers. Make sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents for the successful and legal establishment of online casino.

To find a reliable casino games provider. Leading providers of gambling software can also assist you in licensing.

When choosing a gaming commission, it is necessary to consider your budget size. Such European jurisdictions as UK, Gibraltar and Malta are good for most gambling operators, because those also help draw customers and open account with the bank. However, these licenses are also the costliest to obtain.

“The casino operator should also take into consideration what are the taxes that are levied in the country of its choice because the corporate/income tax rates vary significantly. Some countries (such as Curacao) even offer special tax regimes which allow the online casino operator to pay very low-income tax", says the lawyer of Slotegrator.

Thus, a license cost is an important factor influencing the choice of jurisdiction. Operators are often looking for the cheapest casino licenses offered, as a rule, by unscrupulous mediators. Therefore, we recommend reviewing all the financial conditions of the desired commission beforehand.

Getting a Gambling License: Compilation of the Most Trusted Jurisdictions by Slotegrator Experts

We have gathered relevant information on the most popular gambling jurisdictions and put them into a user-friendly table for your special benefit. Here you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of jurisdictions, service fees and our expert advice for licensing within each of the gambling commissions listed below.








Impeccable reputation and 18 years of operating.

One of the most profitable and liberal jurisdictions.


License fee – €25,000.

License application fee – €2,300.

License renewal  – €1,500.

Minimum annual fee – €15,000.


Strict requirements imposed on gambling establishments.

Representative office in Malta.


It is suitable for online casinos, operating on the territory of Europe and striving to gain respected status.

Costa Rica

No taxation.

Possibility to operate in Europe and the USA.

The cost of company registration and license – from $40,000.

Annual license renewal –$10,000.

The Data Processing license does not allow to run online gambling business, but to process data.

Registered company in Costa Rica.

No special requirements for software used at online casino, the company's financial statements, and server's location.


Bets are not taxed if accepted from players who are not citizens of Panama.

Simple bank account opening and company registration.

License cost – from $40,000 Renewal fee – $20,000

No less than $100,000 on the bank account.

Casino system must identify the origin of the player's deposit, as payments from the USA are not accepted.

The largest banking and offshore jurisdiction in the world.

Friendly taxation.


Several partner companies can operate under the same license;

Simple process of licensing, no need to have a representative office in Curacao.


License cost – from $40,000

Annual license renewal – $15, 000

Online gambling operators can be sublicensed only by holders of 'master' license. Thus, besides the state tax, you must pay fee to the holder of the 'master' license.

The jurisdiction of Curacao has a good reputation and recognition among the players.

Beneficial licensing terms.


European jurisdiction with excellent reputation.

Friendly taxation – from 1% of turnover.

License fee – $30,000-$70,000

Annual license renewal fee – $3,000

The gambling commission puts forward very strict requirements for the companies, especially to their financial status.

A detailed business plan is essential.

Affordable price and high level of trust.

The opportunity to freely operate in the European market.



The gambling commission successfully regulates over 250 online casinos located in different countries of the world. License of Kahnawake is recognized by players throughout the world.

License fee –$40,000

Required system testing – $15,000

Annual license renewal –$10,000.

Strict requirements for licensees. Failure to comply with, the regulator has the right not to issue a license or withdraw it at any time.

The reliable jurisdiction that ensures online casino security and protection against fraud.

Antigua and Barbuda

International activities are not taxed.

The license automatically allows to operate in the UK market.

The jurisdiction offers 2 types of licenses:

Online casino license – $100, 000 Totalizer license – $75,000.

Licensing includes the following fees: Company’s paperwork revision – $15,000 and gambling industry development contribution – $100,000 (annually, regardless of income.)


Since 1994 the government of Antigua and Barbuda is in the top 6 of the most popular jurisdictions for online gambling business.

Isle of Man

The jurisdiction has close ties to the UK government.

The island is a part of free trade zone in the EU.

There is no exchange control.

License application fee – £1,000

Annual license fee – £35,000

The tax ranges from 0.1 to 1.5% of the annual gross gambling revenue of the casino.

The jurisdiction imposes stringent requirements for gambling companies.

The license is valid for 5 years. It provides honest and profitable gambling business



Quick procedure of licensing subject to the fulfillment of all requirements listed by the jurisdiction.

Low-cost license.

License fee – $18,000

License renewal fee –$10,000.

Applicant companies are strictly monitored and have to provide their financial statements for the last three years.

The license is issued for all gambling games with one tax – franchise.

Founding and licensing of online casino is a big decision that influences all further work of a casino. Therefore, choosing a jurisdiction should be taken seriously.

For a free advice on the jurisdictions you are interested in, contact us right now.