High tech development allowed the gambling business to come over to the Internet space. Online casino competition gained a substantial level. Gambling venues compete for the right to be the best ones, using various customer attracting tools, among which the online casino design plays a significant role.

Components of successful project

A lot of popular online casinos prefer functional patterns, having:

  • attractive design;
  • convenient navigation;
  • large set of games;
  • bonuses and special offers;
  • simple feature management (input-output);
  • twenty-four-hourtechnical support;
  • securityforusers.

All components are the key to success but not every online casino provides players with such opportunities. Navigation of many resources is weak, causing difficulties for players in search of an appropriate game.


Convenient navigation is an easy switch from the home page (lobby) right to the chosen game, without wasting time for searching. The example can be such websites as Gaming Club’s UK casino, WilliamHillorWinner Casino.

Simple registration without filling in long forms is also a constituent of good navigation. Fast registration provides an immediate switch to the game, which means profit for online casinos.

Attractive pattern

The online casino pattern design should have certain features in order to become attractive for visitors:

  • use of a wide range of colors up to monochrome;
  • use of large slide show, informing players about opportunities and special offers;
  • presence of topic tuning mechanisms;
  • relieve of visual perceptionby quality high resolution image with big format expandabilitywith no loss in quality;
  • integration into any browser;
  • availability of SEO support;
  • allowing putting in additional pages and other functionality.

Having such a flexible pattern, the developer will always be able to change a design due to the latest trends.

Issues of common design

A great amount of online casino pattern developers use a traditional land-based venues design:

  • glaring art style;
  • blinking lights;
  • feeling like other players are present at the game table;
  • dim lighting during the hand;
  • corresponding audio feedback: jingle of coins and game chips, specific music;
  • 3Dreal dealer visualizationetc.

Designers try to recreate the real casino atmosphere and are off base, trying to increase the amount of registrations in such a way. Cotte&Latour research showed that such design, in privy known as “box” or skeuomorphicdesign (from the Greek “skeuos”, meaning “box”, “container”), causes negative effect on a majority of visitors.

Research found out an interesting fact: players, visiting real casinos, are looking for social interaction with similar people, starving for support when loosing and approval when winning.

Online casino visitors are aiming at quite another: they avoid reality, don’t require public support of their actions and enthusiastic whoops or backslapping.

A real gambling venue design will likely annoy the second category of users rather than attract.

Thus, the main developer task will be determining the target audience, for whom the design is made: players, often visiting real casinos, or common users, escaping reality in the virtual world.

Case of successful casino design

The case of successful design can be 888casino, recognized as the best operator of 2015. The resource art style has nothing extra like glaring advertising, bright colors, complicated switch.

Instead, it has the following:

  • bonus notification during registration of a new player;
  • game selection right in lobby;
  • explanation for why one should use website services;
  • winner list with given winnings, stimulating players’ competitive spirit;
  • resourcebackground color is black that doesn’t deflect attention from the content.

There are game descriptions for newcomers that are absent on the majority of websites. Generally, 888casinolooksfriendlyand engagingly.


  1. Successfulonlinecasinowebsiteshouldhavesimpleandfastregistration.
  2. Navigation should not cause difficulties, switches should be fast.
  3. Players should know what bonuses and special offers they can meet on the website.
  4. Artstyleshouldnotdistractfromthecontent.
  5. Visitors should be guaranteed game security and responsibility in storing their personal data.

Slotegrator recommends paying a special attention to the latest developments and trends in creating an attractive online casino design. Initially, determine the target audience and then start working out solutions of the club design.

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