The first thing that the gambler relies upon while choosing online casino is its lawfulness and reputation. Nowadays, playing in clandestine casinos is too dangerous, because these venues have doubtful reputation and there is hardly anybody aiming to risk their money. Moreover, there is a great amount of legal, honestly operating venues, investing in their further development and taking care of each player. Information about licenses, legal entities registration, etc. is publicly available on the online casino website in the special section in order each player will be able to get acquainted with it easily.

The second important thing while choosing online casino is reputation. Reputation is mostly a subjective indicator, which consists of players’ opinion regarding certain gambling venue. Players usually share their opinions, impressions and recommendations on special forums, blogs and social networks. Thus, this information is disseminated very fast. To make online casino opinions positive and the venue recommended, special attention should be paid to the following things: financial integrity, quality services and benevolence to customers.

The most significant aspect for each player is financial integrity of the casino, allowing the gambler to receive winnings fast and with no trouble. The next important factor is quality and fast support service that can solve all issues, including financial ones, promptly. Face-to-face interaction is quite essential for most players, thus support service operators should devote as much time as required to each gambler.

Website design, game portfolio, convenient navigation, ways of account refilling and money withdrawing, marketing programs such as special offers, bonuses and so on, also play a significant role in online casino success.

Let us examine in detail what is important for a customer when they enter the online casino website.


One of significant criteria for customers when choosing Internet casino is convenient playing. Nowadays, customers spend only several minutes to register in the online casino and start gambling right at their home. Convenience for customers means no need to get ready to leave the house, go somewhere, waste time and effort, and visit noisy places. There is the alternative: they can immerse themselves into gambling in the most comfortable conditions anytime and anywhere.


Design also plays a considerable role while choosing gambling venue. Currently, software of online gambling venues has reached a very high level, which allows avoiding any glitches or problems. Graphics is incredibly colorful and realistic with various visual effects, giving as positive impressions of the game as possible. Thus, wonderful and high-quality design, convenient interface and simple navigation induce players to try gambling and keep doing it again and again.

Gaming content

Today, the main trend of Internet gambling venues is to offer customers the broadest range of games. It sets apart online casino from land-based one where it is impossible to gain such variety. And this is one more reason why many people prefer virtual casinos. Besides standard casino games, such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc., one requires slot machines with various scenarios, live games and all sorts of combined versions that add interest and can attract players for a long time. For instance, some casinos always try to offer new mixed games, combining roulette and cards, slot machines and poker, etc. Because the more various and attractive the game portfolio is, the longer players are interested in this very casino.

Ways of withdrawals / payment systems

Set of payment systems, allowing players to deposit money in the virtual casino account and to get the winning, also plays a significant role. One should envisage all options that can be used for financial transactions between a casino and gambler.

  • Since not all customers want to examine electronic payment systems, one requires a payment system using credit and debit bank cards.
  • Since a lot of people use electronic payments, one should support the biggest choice of online payment systems.
  • And the latest trend is blockchain technologies. Cryptocurrency, or the so-called bitcoins, is becoming more and more popular in online casinos and many players have been already using it.

According to Slotegrator experts, the main cryptocurrency advantage is anonymity, decentralization, availability from around the world, and transparency of financial operations. Slotegrator considers that it is perfect cryptocurrency for online gambling.

It can be concluded that the set of payment systems should be the greatest in order the casino doesn’t cut off the part of its audience artificially, because customers simply cannot conduct payments, although they would do it gladly.

Presence of loyalty system for players

Choosing online casino, a lot of players consider important the presence of significant bonuses for incoming payments. Various special offers and privileges also attract players. Thus, virtual casinos create whole loyalty programs to attract new customers and keep current ones. They provide various opportunities:

  • one can get an access to the VIP club with luxury playing conditions;
  • one can get bonuses for both the first and subsequent payments;
  • such games as roulette, poker and blackjack provide various tournaments where one can get a big winning;
  • individual bonuses are provided, for instance, on the birthday or for friend invitation;
  • a lot of platforms offer bonuses for deposit and so on.

Such a vast variety of bonus offers distinguishes the online casino from land-based one, and thus it is the essential factor for players, choosing certain venue.

The Internet has platforms that collect information on an on-going basis about all current bonus programs in various online casinos. Frequently, users rely on this information, choosing where to gamble. Thus, one should thoroughly monitor offers of other venues and constantly develop new stimulation systems for players.

Technical security

Nowadays, one of the most relevant issues is security issue. This aspect is important for both a gambler and online casino. Players should not worry about their data, money and account that can be hacked. Internet casino should be protected from fraud acts, hacker, insider and DDoS attacks.

Online casino security can be exposed to the great amount of risks. As the result, venue activity can be paralyzed, data bases are stolen or destroyed, which leads to the total loss of business. That is why Slotegrator recommends to pay careful attention to security and do not cut down expenses on it. Today, the company offers various innovative software solutions for online venue protection. For instance, to protect its clients’ websites from any external intrusions, Slotegrator uses the well-proven Application Programming Interface (API), developed due to all requirements and standards. All data is transmitted through secure communication link and even in case of internet disconnection, all gaming sessions are protected by the special functionality, allowing to avoid financial losses.

Slotegrator API guarantees:

  • protection from bugs, breaches, and backdoor;
  • protection of all information and gaming content;
  • reliable and flawless operation;
  • 100% protection from SQL injections that can lead to information or data base losses.

One should also remember that once a new website is launched, it is immediately become the target of swindlers or unscrupulous users, aiming to earn money. But long-standing casinos can also face such actions on the part of users. Currently, any online casino offers new players a registration bonus. It is a real sum of money that can be withdrawn by gamblers.

So, visitors frequently use this, aiming to gain profit, by registering several times from different IP addresses. Due to these actions, they obtain a certain sum of money more than once. To avoid such situations on the part of users, Slotegrator will help to implement necessary security systems. The operator will fully control everything happening in the virtual room since player’s registration.

But players, primarily, worry about security of their own personal data and money. Gaming content developers are not responsible for security of transactions (deposit or withdrawal operations), conducted between a player and virtual platform. The whole responsibility lies on the shoulders of online casinos. Thus, the operator has to consider this issue quite seriously: all operations should be conducted through connection protected by 256-bit encryption, and the user-authentication system should be as accurate as possible. Slotegrator specialists will help to implement all required comprehensive security solutions to protect your business and allow it to grow peacefully.