Gambling is considered one of the fastest-growing business areas in the United States. The first online casino in America was established in 1997. That significant milestone marked a new phase in the development of online gambling in the country.

Online betting opportunities have notably increased the number of gamblers at the domestic level. Therefore, in 2006, the US government prohibited electronic payments between players and gambling sites. And one month later adopted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The document envisaged a number of legislative provisions to regulate the activities of online casinos within the United States. After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, gambling activities became illegal within the territory.

Despite all the efforts made by the government to protect Americans from online gambling, the number of thrill-seekers has not decreased. Therefore, after years of failed attempts, the US lawmakers have focused on finding a compromise solution.

Since 2011, many States of America have been considering bills establishing a friendlier environment for online casino operators. For example, in 2012, they passed the law providing the opportunity to legalize activities of gambling websites, poker rooms and bookmakers on the territory of certain states.

Today online gambling is permitted in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Financial analysts say that every single online casino is a large potential taxpayer. It has become the main reason for considering revision of online gambling legalization. For example, Nevada annually brings $1 billion to the American coffer, generated from online gambling establishments.

We offer you a ranking of the most popular gambling sites in the USA according to Connexity.


To date, the lawmakers of Illinois has not made a final decision on the legalization of casino gaming, online poker and fantasy sports within the state. The latest revision of this bill took place in January 2018. However, the officials failed to reach a consensus on this issue. What is a future of online gambling regulation only time will tell.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
Illinois Lottery28.84%84.08%
Missouri Lottery4.03%15.00%
Lottery Post3.84%7.35%
Illinois Lottery Online3.55%88.94%


Now the authorities of New York are actively considering a bill legalizing online poker. According to the Senator John J. Bonacic, who advocates the adoption of this normative act, it is a great opportunity to fill the funding gap in the national budget. However, while the government is in a brown study, the Internet users are satisfied with the available gambling.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
NY Lottery34.84%86.72%
Lottery USA6.34%17.34%
Lottery Post5.40%15.11%


27 October 2017, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, signed a bill legalizing online gambling in the state. Thus, Pennsylvania became the fourth state after New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware to allow online gambling.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
Pensylvania Lottery42.60%80.07%
Ohio Lottery2.39%6.02%
Lottery USA2.30%4.17%


Now California is actively considering a bill to legalize online gambling, in particular, online poker. In 2018, for the first time in ten years, the government to revise regulation of virtual poker.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
California Lottery26.60%92.09%
Harrah's Casino Hotels3.15%17.44%
Bovada Sportsbook2.51%17.35%


For the first six months following the legalization of online gambling in New Jersey, the income of the state increased by $8.4 million. Only a week after the first licenses were issued, online casinos received more than 50,000 new users. In a month, this number increased to 75,000. The amount of actual revenue exceeded all projections made by the New Jersey's Governor, Chris Christie, who estimated a revenue of $250 to $500 million. Thus, New Jersey is the third state after Nevada and Delaware, where virtual gambling is officially legalized.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
NJ Lottery29.19%81.33%
Lottery Post7.33%9.92%
Lottery USA3.63%4.79%
NY Lottery2.89%3.47%


Nevada is rightly considered the most gambling state in the United States. After long disputes taking place on 21 February 2013, the Governor, Brian Sandoval, signed a bill on online gambling legalization. Nevada became the first state in America where virtual gambling is regulated. Today it is the only state that allows all kinds of gambling activities.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
Harrah's Casino Hotels8.79%9.01%
California Lottery4.13%2.86%


Gambling in Florida was legalized in 2006. Since there are approximately 140 casinos operating within the state. On January 2018, the Florida Senate approved a new version of the gaming bill. The document provides for the legalization of fantasy sports, and will also regulate betting on horse and greyhound racing.

WebsiteSegmented visitsSegmented rate
Florida Lottery50.92%85.86%
Lottery USA2.32%7.11%

Most Popular Gambling Websites in the USA Totaled Up

WebsiteNumber of visitorsVisitor conversion rate
Florida Lottery14,107,3424.64%
Texas Lottery Commission10,594,9733.48%
NY Lottery8,564,1662.82%

PCHLotto heads the list of the most popular gambling sites in the country. The project is the latest addition to the American company, Publishing Clearing House. Founded in 1953, the company initially worked as a one-stop shop for magazines. PCHLotto is gambling web site that presents different types of online lotteries. PCHLotto now holds a leading position in the US gaming market. Based on the above statistics by states, the PCHLotto website is always displayed among the first three pages in search engine results.

Florida Lottery that is a state-run lottery ranks second. Florida Lottery was established in 1986. That is when the locals successfully insisted the legalization of gambling activities in the state. Today Florida Lottery is the undisputed leader in its region. The visitor conversion rate to its website in Florida is 50.92%, which is almost 42% higher than that of the web resource, who took second place.

The third place is shared by Texas Lottery Commission, Powerball and NY Lotto. A total number of visitors to these online resources exceed 27 million, making them the rock-solid favourites among Americans.


Having analysed the current situation in the online gambling market of America, we can conclude that there is an active involvement of US policies regarding the regulation of gambling houses. It is no secret that online casinos are a powerful source of income for the country.

Thus, the US government is keenly interested in the development of the gambling sector as an officially legalized industry. Despite the fact that the current regulations offer realistic prospects for the growth of online gambling, a lot of effort is needed towards implementing them. This is due to numerous legal obstacles and slow process of translating them into reality. Therefore, making some specific predictions about future developments in the gambling industry is problematic.