Business people who have recently opened an online casino are really concerned about the approximate timescales of return on made investments. Slotegrator, being a company closely involved into developing online projects for various gambling houses, is going to share with you some of the most effective solutions regarding boosting the levels of return on investments and shortening of terms on recoupment.

Online casino: tips to retrieve your investments swiftly

Gambling houses functioning online, usually earn their profits from gamblers’ losses. Enormous volumes of traffic ranking provide operators with constant incomes.

In order to boost traffic ranking of a newly- launched internet casino, you can resort to some of the well-tried marketing tricks: addressed mailing, ads in social networks and on TV, etc. Marketing research and strategic planning for the efficient functioning of an online casino usually have an impressive price tag, making operators pay about $300–400 thousand as minimum during an average campaign.

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The correct choice of marketing tools predetermines a successful recoupment in about half a year timespan, and in case of better confluence of circumstances, sufficient motivation and competence of the marketing experts, that might happen even faster.

Annual expenditures on marketing research made by online casino providers account for more than a million dollars, however, everything pays off in way bigger scales.

Online poker rooms: recoupment of the invested capital

Internet poker rooms get their profits through other means:

  • Through charging rakes from every bankroll (the charged commission usually accounts for 3–5%, according to policies set by the gambling house);
  • Through charging a monthly subscription from gamblers. Instead, users get certain quantities of tokens as a reward for their loyalty;
  • Though carrying out fee-based registration for tournaments with certain quantities of tables and participants.

The data obtained by marketing experts describing trends peculiar to current poker rooms demonstrates that an average player plays approximately 40-70 rounds per hour. An average rake accounts for $1-$3 per every bankroll, depending on the conditions and quantity of players at the table.

Approximate calculations show that even 20 gamblers playing in a poker room during an hour, might bring to a casino at least 1 thousand rakes out of every bankroll. The income of poker rooms, in the same way as casinos’, depend on the website traffic provided by active gamblers. Sustainable implementation of marketing tools will definitely boost the flow-in of gamblers, while well-thought-out affiliate programs will hold them down on the said resource.

A hundred of gamblers per month bringing $50 each will provide a gambling house with $5 thousand income during the first months of functioning. In about 3 months, poker rooms will bring up to $13 thousand per month, if 75% of all the new gamblers stay on the website.

According to numerous testimonials from Slotegrator´s clients and partners, our specialists are brilliant in selecting all the necessary tools for efficient promotion of new gambling houses that might be highly recoupable and commercially successful