While studying a variety of specifications and algorithms on how to create a casino, before the development of new online project, operator will definitely came across a “must-do” step - target audience analysis. Any market expert or owner of the existing gambling houses will tell you that to create a successful and profitable casino first of all you should find out who will be your customers, because it weighs with further selection of game content, provider, payment systems, language options, marketing strategies, etc.

But how to understand who are they - players of the future online casino? To answer this question and identify the main groups of potential customers is possible on the basis of such characteristics:

- Motivation

- Game type

- Demographic profile

Motives which animate people to play in casino

All casino players may be divided into two main groups, each of which pursues its own goals. There are regular customers – players who visit casinos regularly and systematically, and occasional players, who visit gaming portals from time to time because of the curiosity.

The first group of players may have different motives. For example, some gamblers are real pros, who have their own strategy, win money masterfully, can stop at right time and consider casino to be their primary source of income. These players know exactly what they want. To attract these customers is very profitably, because as a result your casino gets reliable and loyal players. Good way to get them interested in your very online casino is to offer attractive conditions for regular customers, provide the most active players with special privileges and offer interesting loyalty programs.

One more motive, but less positive one, is ludomania or addiction to gambling. Operator should define this problem and apply all necessary measures: add such player to a block list and limit access to the site. Some gambling venues have a function of a ten-minute break, which is repeated every 50 minutes in order to allow players to make forced pauses in the game. Of course, gambling addicts may bring regular income but it should be noted that this group of customers is at risk and will not create positive image of the gambling house.

The second group of players is transient customers. They visit gambling websites out of curiosity, in order to have fun, try something new or just kill time. Often these gamblers choose casino at random, not really going into details of the game. But guided by the passion, such players may leave substantial sums of money in the casino. That’s why to attract this group of players is profitable as well. This can be done with the help of bright advertising, various bonuses for beginners, prizes for registration, etc.

Target audience according to game type

A range of online casino game content is incredibly extensive, and every Jack has his Jill. In good casinos games are selected in such a way that each potential customer could find suitable games. Types of games, their themes and functionality divide the audience into groups.

It is possible to distinguish the following main types of games:

- Traditional fruit slots. These machines have clear rules, simple interface, no special difficulties. Set of functions of these slots resembles their land-based ancestors. These machines will be familiar to players who have spent time in land-based gambling halls.

- Card and table games: poker, Blackjack, baccarat, roulette. Games for real intellectuals and conservatives, fans of classical casinos. They are to be included into casino's portfolio, because the interest in these games has not evaporated for many decades.

- 5-reel 3D slots with quest elements - games, which have embodied all trends and innovations of modern gambling market. A variety of themes, features and bonus games of modern online slots is unlimited. The main thing is to give players more variety, choose the most popular games from well-known brands and follow the latest novelties of the market. The most important factor you should pay attention to is the quality of games.

- Slots for women. Currently there is a tendency that slot machines become more popular among women. That is why game developers started to produce female-themed slots, borrowing the design for such games from movies, stories, characters that are popular among the ladies. Of course, it is not the fact that female players will choose these very slots, but they definitely will pay attention to them when coming across.

Demographic profile of target audience

Researchers distinguish three main groups of online casino audience:

Middle-aged men and women with moderate and high income visit casinos because of curiosity, possibility to try their luck and skills, use different strategies in practice.

Middle-aged men and women with low-income visit gambling portals in order to win and improve their financial shape.

Young men and women with different income levels consider casino as a source of entertainment and opportunity to pass the time with fun.

It is possible to use different tools to attract customers of each group, but each tool should result in a situation where representative of any category will turn from demo version to real-money gambling. This is the main goal of any online casino marketing strategy.

Psychological motives of gamblers

Love of gambling is known since ancient times. Each of us has a desire to gamble, to a greater or lesser degree. There is an opinion that the main psychological motive for gambling is gain. But this opinion is questionable because players who have won a huge sum will not necessarily stop the game; they may continue and after a few bets go into the red. That is why psychological motives are very different, depending on individual differences, for example desire to feel extreme and risk, gain recognition, feel pride in their game skills, desire to assert themselves, to feel invincible, etc.

For casino operators it is important to know that everyone at least once in their life wants to experience charm and passion of gambling and casino should be at the right time and place to provide them with such opportunity.