Year by year the Internet keeps spreading all over the world, annually covering more and more new regions. Data transfer speed continues increasing along with growing numbers of users. Just a short time ago, the World Wide Web used to be a black swan for the majority of developing countries, however currently practically all citizens of such countries have access to the wideband Internet.

Online gambling industry is also gaining momentum. People have always been passionate about gambling and the World Wide Web is turning gambling into a simple and easily accessible entertainment for the mass market. The numbers of websites offering such pastime are also increasing in numbers. Within years, the competition between online gambling platforms is becoming stiffer. Under such conditions, the problem of retaining quality gambling audiences comes to the fore.

Gradual development of online technologies like SEO or search engine optimization technologies contributes to sustainable modernization of the industry. Some of the methods used a couple of years ago, unfortunately, are not applicable to the current market, as they simply do not work anymore nowadays. The Internet is a very dynamic environment, that’s why web masters are in constant search of innovative approaches to retention of quality traffic. One of the latest methods of website promotion is promotion via video services like YouTube. The platform itself appeared and gained its popularity relatively a long time ago, though it was used as a resource of significant volumes of traffic relatively recently. Let us take a closer look at the main principles of its functioning.

Website promotion via YouTube: operationаl scheme

It is necessary to understand that search engine optimization technologies are crucial while promoting any kind of website. Website promotion by the means of YouTube is considered to be an additional tool, but it cannot substitute the rest of necessary tools you might need for a successful marketing campaign.

To put it in a nutshell, the principle is as follows:

Website promotion via YouTube: operationаl scheme

How to make your You Tube website promotion maximally effective

Creation of a channel on You Tube

It is preferable that the name of your page corresponds to its content and includes key words. Every You Tube channel has its own thematic index of citing and PR. These indices reflect the level of your popularity in the most widespread Internet search engines such as Yandex and Google. One of the most important goals t this point is to increase those indices by means of growing numbers of visitors.


Video content should be unique, interesting and popular with different audiences. In such a manner, users will eagerly view your videos and share them in social networks.

Videos somehow connected with gambling are always eye-catching. Among the most popular ones, you may find tutorials and training videos showing the basic rules of gambling, tips on how to win, interviews of experienced gamblers, expert opinions, etc.

Videos should also be named in a unique way. As a basic rule, they have to be always short and informative, however not fact-laden. Such characteristics are a guarantee of that your videos will be viewed until the very end. Videos should also be thrilling and intriguing in order to make viewers want to find out more and start gambling right away, having followed previously the link indicated in the description to the video. This is one of the main targets of YouTube promotion.

Video Optimization

Key words are of paramount importance for search engine optimization. It is preferable that such key words are included into the name of the video or into its description below. Additionally, key words should be inserted into the “Title” entry. However, do not go too far. Excess of key words unrelated to the content might only detriment the whole process. This kind of optimization contributes to more effective functioning of search engines enabling them to identify the content of your video and, consequently, rank it higher in search results bar. One should also take into account that YouTube belongs to Google and videos placed there are put above the rest.

Video Promotion

There exist numerous methods of video promotion on You Tube. As an example, let us analyze comments and viewer´s feedback under the video. In order to promote yourself, start commenting under videos on pages having relatively high index of citing and which are similar by content to your own videos. The more interesting and reasonable your comments are, the more users will want to visit your own page. However, as it was said before, try not to overdo turning comments into spamming. It might be perceived in a negative way by users, so that you might end up having your account blocked. Moreover, different hosting services place on their platforms videos from You Tube and this significantly boosts traffic flow to you webpage.

Advantages of website promotion on YouTube

You Tube provides quality traffic which is hard to find on the rest of resources. Significant numbers of views, minimal rates of negative response, long time spent on your website, all of that testifies that only highly interested in your resource users have been following your You Tube resource. And in terms of gambling, such users are 100% represented by gamblers.

The company Slotegrator has a long-term experience of operating on the online gambling market. Our clients are always provided with qualified SEO assistance and project promotion services including promotion via You Tube.