Web accessibility allowed taking fantasy sports to a new level and reaching a vast audience. Fantasy sports is a type of game based on competition. The main point of confrontation lies in the following:

  • Players choose real sportsmen that will gain bonuses for the team to win
  • All actions of selected sportsmen in real sporting competitions are recorded and teams are awarded points for them. 

For example, fantasy football players can make up a virtual team containing prominent footballers such as Messi, Ronaldo and others. Competing in real football matches, sportsmen perform actions, for which fantasy points are scored. In real life selected footballers do not play in one team, and it can happen that they don’t even meet on one field.

Types of fantasy sports

Fantasy sports games can be roughly divided into several categories:

  • By sporting discipline. It can be football, baseball and any other game that interests participants of a tournament.
  • By game time. There are daily fantasy sports, where competitions take place within one day, seasonal, monthly or weekly fantasy sports games.
  • By game conditions. There are one-on-one games and multiplayer tournaments, where one participant or a team wins.
  • By prizes. A game can be played for fun, for real money or in order to win a cup.

Fantasy sports rules

There are no uniform rules for fantasy sports. Each tournament sets its own rules, which differ depending on sporting discipline.

In most cases rules regulate:

  • The number of sportsmen comprising a fantasy team;
  • Scoring points;
  • Mechanism of selection virtual team members;
  • Distribution of prize pool between winners.

Pattern of a fantasy sports game

In a classical fantasy football competition players are offered to choose sportsmen from those football clubs that are supposed to be top-performing in upcoming matches. Any footballer can be chosen regardless of his role on the field. In such a way virtual team is formed, which will get points for actions of footballers.

Points are scored for goals, successful passes of the ball that resulted in goals, good performance of fullbacks, excellent results of goalkeeper, etc.  Furthermore, fantasy points are deducted when goalkeeper misses the ball, for each received red card, missed penalty, etc.

How to play fantasy sports for money

Fantasy sports games can be played for real money. In order to play for real money, player needs to find a website offering such opportunity, register there, and make a deposit.

Websites offering fantasy sports tournaments provide rules, which should be carefully read. Usually tournament participants are offered to form a team out of sportsmen belonging to definite clubs. Players have to ‘buy’ selected sportsmen. Sporting celebrities cost a lot, so you won’t be able to build a team of iconic players.

Victory of a team depends on thorough selection of sportsmen and can bring significant cash prizes.