Electronic payment system Skrill allows sending and receiving messages, using only the email address.Skrill was founded on June 18, 2001, in London and was known as Moneybookers till 2011. Currently, the company has offices in Europe and the USA and is considered to be the one of leading payment systems in online casinos, betting, poker rooms and other gambling services.

Now Skrill is used by more than 36 million people and covers around 200 countries. The majority of these countries are Eastern Europe and CIS: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Skrill has a multilingual interface, including Russian, and can operate with 40 currencies.

Specific features of payment system

Skrill operational concept is similar to the one of the most widespread e-wallets – PayPal. However, usability, reliability, low transaction costs and legal work with CIS and Europe make Skrill one of the most popular payment systems across the globe.

The first thing that establishes credibility to the Skrill system among millions of users is security. This system assures that all deposit and transaction information will be non-public. To register, open account and conduct money transactions in Skrill one requires only email address and password. Thus, card numbers, bank accounts and other information is not disclosed and is known only by the account holder. The system knows about users only the information about money transactions conducted at a certain time. The information regarding where and for what purpose finances were used remains unknown.

The second Skrill feature that makes it one of the best is convenience. Skrill allows conducting all required financial operations from mobile refilling to poker room deposit. All operations are completed immediately. Registration procedure is also very simple: one should fill out a short application form, agree with terms and conditions, put in personal data and enjoySkrill advantages.

The thirdSkrill feature makes it more profitable for using in gambling area – the system doesn’t require service fee from users for pay-in and pay-out from poker rooms, betting shops and online casino. Moreover, Skrill system offers users various VIP-statues, which provide a range of privileges, such as unlimited amount of accounts and transfers. UsingthespecialVIPprogram, clientscanget1.5% bonus from their online casino deposits.

One more Skrill advantage is low tariffs.

Operations costs:

  • Account opening: free.
  • Accountrefilling: SWIFT – free, Visa, MasterCard – 1.9%.
  • Pay-out: SWIFT –€3.95, Visa–€2,95.
  • Money sending: 1% from the sum (but no more than €10).
  • Money receiving: free.
  • Currencyconversion: feefrom 2.99% to 3.99% depending on currency rate.

Fee for using Skrill payment system is not incurred if the user enters the system at least once within a year (12 months) and conducts any operation during this period.

Otherwise, 1 euro service fee (or equivalent of this sum) is incurred from the account balance every month.

Skrill payment system major advantages

In conclusion, one can determine key Skrill advantages that make this system so popular and widely used in the gambling area:

  • Reliability and high security.
  • Quick system operation.
  • Usability: authorization requires only email and password.
  • Absence of online gambling pay-in and pay-out fee.
  • Chance to get Skrill’sPrepaid MasterCard.
  • Various ways of money transfer and account refilling.

Skrill online payment system is used by the best online gambling venues, including Winner, EuroPlay, Betfair, William Hill Casino, Casino.com, Jackpot City Casino and others.