In recent years, slot tournaments, which are a kind of a marketing technique, are gaining popularity among online casino operators. Competitions are held on a regular basis, and information about them can be found on the clubs website in the section of special offers.

Types of Slot Tournaments

There are several types of slot tournaments, which differ according to the following parameters: timing, duration limitation, with or without an entrance fee and others.

The most widespread tournaments include:

  • Freeroll Slot Tournament is a competition with no entry fee. The task is to play your favourite slots and earn points. Tournaments of this kind are held often and are popular among players.
  • A tournament with an initial fee takes place at weekends (Weekend Whopper Slot), or during the week (Midweek Moolah Slot). For example, Microgaming requires entrance fee of $15 to participate in the tournament; the prize of the tournament is $ 10,000. The competition is limited in time and demands from the gamer a great concentration and good game speed.
  • Extender Slot Tournaments is a tournament with no time limit; it has an option of additional purchase of Add-On and Re-buy.
  • SnG is a tournament that starts after enrolment of a certain number of registered participants.

As a rule, the tournament organizers determine the slot to be used in the competition. Some contests are limited in time, for example, a gambler has half an hour to play the game. Other contests have a set number of spins, which determines a winner among participants. The winner is the gamer, who has received the greatest number of points.

Strategies of Casino Tournaments

A time limit and a number of chips in the game determine the strategy of a game in the online casino slot tournament. If you have enough time and chips, there is no reason to play for broke and make big bets, it is better to watch the game of your opponents.

At the end of the tournament, the unused chips are burned away, so you can use the tactics of lightning dash and make a big bet at the last moments.

If the tournament timing is strictly limited and you have just a few chips, it is better to get lucky by making large bets. However, it is always necessary to consider the main factor in choosing a strategy, namely the accidental nature of combinations in the slot. The success of the game depends on the player’s good luck, rather than on a particular strategy.

Online Casino Tournaments as a Marketing Tool

Slotegrator's experts in the online casino marketing recommend their customers to use slot tournaments as a tool to promote gambling resource and attract players. An advertising campaign carried out properly attracts new users; a slot tournament helps to keep them and make them active casino visitors.

Placement of information about winners of the tournament with an indication of winning amounts and simple rules encourage gamers to play. The ability to use the tournament bonuses received during the registration and the regularity of competitions significantly increase the attractiveness for players. More players mean more profits for online casinos.

Using Slotegrator’s Platform for Slot Tournaments

Slotegrator, which provides services on online casino creation, recommends using the reward scheme system as a marketing tool to promote the website in addition to SEO optimization, advertising and e-newsletters.

Bonus and affiliate programs as well as promotional events, including slot tournaments, are used as an incentive tool. Slotegrator has developed software, which makes it simple for casino operators to hold tournaments, take into account points and determine winners.

Gambling resources ignoring slot tournaments deprive the operators of a possibility to attract new customers, retain previously registered users, as well as to increase profits. Slotegrator recommends its customers actively use slot tournaments and is ready to assist in resolving this issue.