Gambling in social networks appeared more than 10 years ago; today it enjoys a wide popularity among players. The main feature of social gaming is a lack of cash prizes; gamers can win bonuses, chips, points, but not money. On the one hand, the following question may arise: do we need such gambling games at all? The basic casino principle (enrichment and cash winnings) ceases to work. However, despite this fact, social gaming prospers and receives more and more fans every day. Indeed, in the gambling world, players visit casinos not only to get large sums of money; they love the game, want to communicate and exchange experiences. Moreover, absence of real money in social gaming contributes to the disappearance of a fear to fail or lose; it changes a negative attitude towards gambling. Moreover, social casinos became the only alternative for those countries where online gambling is forbidden.

Social networks have become an integral part of our modern life. By means of their profiles people communicate, mark places they have visited, upload photos, work, look for a job, shop and play casino games.

What opportunities are opened before the social gaming player

Firstly, an important distinction of social casinos is less strict limits for players. It is possible to play social gambling games at any age and in any country. In addition, there are no wagering restrictions, like in ordinary casinos, where there are limits on the minimum and maximum bets.

Playing social casino games, а player is more relaxed, because first of all he does it for fun, there are no any disappointments.

A player can be completely sure that he will not be deceived, like in ordinary casinos. Social casinos exist in such prestigious social networks like Facebook, Google+, etc.

What motivates a player to play social casino games, if there is no cash prize?

  • Stability daily prizes and bonuses, absence of loss of real money
  • Sociality ability to play and share the results with your friends
  • Competitiveness ability to enter higher levels, to become the best player in the game
  • Mobility most of social casino games are available on mobile platforms

Portrait of a social casino player

A gender balance shows a predominance of males among social casino players, although, the female audience has increased significantly in the past few years. However, these figures are different in different countries. For example, US social casino players are mostly women over age 40, and, in Italy, the young men play social slot games.

Since social casinos do not control the age of their players, it is almost impossible to specify the exact data on the prevalence of one age group.  The same can be said about the extent of gaming revenue, because social casino games do not stipulate real money prizes.

How operators can make money on social casinos

As social casino games do not provide real money prizes, there is one question: how to make money? The main source of revenue is advertising for operators, as well as the sale of additional bonuses and chips for those players who cannot wait free ones. Of course, a very small percentage of social casino players buy chips for real money, but if we consider that millions of users play social casino games, the sums are huge.

Producers and best games of the social casino industry

There is a huge amount of companies involved in the development of social games on the world market. The most experienced and renowned are Zynga, Glu, IGT, Caesars, International Game Technology, Bally Technologies, Digital Entertainment, etc.

The most popular games in social networks are a variety of slots. That is why developers are constantly working on new and new games offering players the updated game play, more bonus rounds, extra levels and opportunities.

Prospects for the development of social gambling in the CIS

The market of social casino games as of today costs $ 3.4 billion; in 2017, this amount will allegedly increase to $ 4.4 billion. In different countries, studies indicate rapid growth in this market segment, including the increase in revenues and players.

In the CIS, the social gambling is at the forefront of the industry. This is facilitated by the availability of multi-million dollar social networks like vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, which offer users a wide selection of casino games involving chips. Moreover, the ban on online casinos, which acts in the majority of CIS countries, contributes to the development of social gaming.

Social gaming is a profitable business for operators. The market of social games in Russia earned $ 60 million in revenue in 2014. Many players are switching to mobile platforms; that is why the market and its profits grow every year. To date, there are dozens of Russian companies involved in the development of social games. vkontakte and Odnoklassniki users prefer social poker. Developers offer their  layers a wide variety of slots.

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