The Slotegrator team believes that software failures do not belong in casinos. Because gamblers, being disappointed with such malfunctions, can easily break the ratings of even the most respected operator.

The core of the problem in online casino gaming can be the software and the human factor. You must be prepared for force majeure and, if necessary, armed to the teeth.

To escape a loss of customer loyalty, Slotegrator recommends following the rule: "Forewarned is forearmed." We are convinced that problem prevention is preferable to problem solving.

As international experience shows, a customer support service is a vital element in the situations of any software instability. Customer support center is the first channel through which customers seek help in case of issues or problems. The quality of service decides whether the user will continue to play with you or go to your competitor. Generally, customer support service should be available 24/7.

Live chat could serve as a competitive advantage providing casino players with information on bonuses and help in real time. If chat operators are unavailable, it shall be possible to send e-mail to the technical support department.

What are the risks of ignoring problems?

Even the most reliable online casinos may encounter software failures. However, brand reputation depends on problem-solving skills, since operator's inaction would bring players to resolve their issue through a third party (industry regulators, gaming associations) that has potential to maintain a serious legal pressure on the casino.

There is also less severe case when players are leaving negative statements in various thematic forums, undermining the credibility of online gambling site.

Most common problems concerning players and procedures for resolving them

The funds were never deposited after they were transferred.

Such problems are mainly caused by the specific features of banking operations. The operator has to determine whether money was deducted from the player's card -  to ask him to provide a cheque or a bank statement. If it's all right, one should contact the bank directly. The main rule suggests: In no case, don't lay the issue on gambler, nothing should distract him from the game.

The money's weirdly disappeared from the player's account.

The first thing you need to do is to calm him down. Next, examine player's statistics and activity history: What he was doing, which games did he play, what did he spend money on. In most cases, the issue is resolved at this stage. If the money's gone, it's very important to find out where they are: Check all payment transactions, including those conducted by employees, and deposit replenishments on the platform.

After the withdrawal, money was not credited to a bank card or Webmoney

In this situation, you have to specify time frames of the withdrawal, since the transfer, depending on the bank, is being processed from a few hours to several days. Next, check the status of the transaction. Give the player a clear time frame to withdraw money from the casino account.

Player did not receive the promised bonuses

In this situation, the user activity history would be also useful: Check to see if player followed rules permitting bonuses. If it's all right, you need to manually assess the bonuses and apologize to the player. Next, contact the technical department to verify this error.

Connection with online casino is lost during a game

No online casinos are immune to this situation, but the problem may be due to a poor platform. Therefore, you don't have to rely on good luck to choose only a reliable supplier. For example, a seamless wallet technology would be helpful when Internet connection is lost: The player's progress will be restored at the same level and with the same amount of bonuses and money.

Risk of fraud at online casino

It is necessary to put all your efforts into seeking the fraudsters - ask the player to specify details of the incident, time and site where the fact of fraud occurred. It is further necessary to report fraud to supervisory authorities and alert the players about this issue.

Inability to verify the result of drawing

Another problem is when online casino based on a poor-quality platform. Therefore, when choosing a provider, it is preferable to go with 'turnkey' casino service, since the provider takes responsibility for the quality of the product.

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