It’s believed that there are no unified rules for the fantasysports, still the formats of tournaments are well established. Fantasy tournaments are divided by types:

  • Classic Salary Cup – users create the team of 15 players (in football). The budget is limited to €200m. Results are calculated after three and more games.
  • Turbo – the mode consists of 2 games. Teamshave11 players, no substitutions,budget is limited to €150m.
  • NoLimit– choosing 15 players, minimum 3 games, budget is unlimited.
  • UniqueFanTeam 5-a-sides/6-a-sidesformat – choosing 5 or 6 players, result of 2 games.

Types of contests

The tournaments are divided by the number of participants: no limitation (tournaments) and with limited number of users (Draft&Go). Each type offers several formats of contests.


  • GPP–tournament with a guaranteed prize fund
  • no guarantee
  • standard
  • Multi-Entry – several teams can be registered
  • Double&Nothing – tournament where half of the users get prizes. Also called 50х50.

One tournament can combine several formats, e.g. GPPandMulti-Entry.

Draft & Go:

  • H2H – tournaments for two users.
  • 10max – tournamentsfor 10 users, prize fund is divided between 3 winners.

Tournaments with a certain number of users start immediately after the required number of participants is available. Each type of the tournament has its peculiarities and possibilities for the users.

Fantasy sports profitability

Profitability of the tournaments depends directly on their scale and format. Users can win big prizes - hundreds of thousands or event millions of dollars at the major upscale events or choose the guaranteed profit in the H2H or 50x50 format.

Most popular dailyfantasy sports include tournaments that take not much time where the prize pools are surprisingly huge.