The gambling business is currently legalized more than in 80 countries of the world. 70% of the online gambling revenues are brought by betting and virtual casinos. The high demand for these areas of business is explained by the existence of a wide range of offers for the clients and availability of gambling almost any time and practically everywhere.

The analysts from the company Technavio predict, that revenues from the online gambling industry will surge to $60 bill. by 2020. The present markets of the USA, China, Great Britain, Australia, Italy and Germany are considered to be the most profitable in terms of payments obtained from online casino operators.

Slotegrator suggests having a closer look at the main trends contributing to the advancement of the iGaming industry by 2020 through analyzing data provided by Technavio.

Top 5 trends of the online gambling market

  1. Gamblers’ changing priorities

Currently, the market is turning towards social and mobile gambling. Developers are actively launching thousands of mobile applications for social gambling, as well as the majority of gadgets these days are becoming more and more advanced in order to make gambling and the rest of entertainment easier and more accessible.

Clients opt for games that enable them to compete with their friends while playing. More popularity are gaining free games, so called Free-to-Play games, having special features such as swappable skins that might give you advantages over competitors.

  1. The growing numbers of female gamblers

There are numerous examples of successful online casinos for women, such as Pink Casino, 888Ladies, Maria Casino. The most actively gambling female audiences include women under 35. The statistical data shows that in the USA females make up around 40% out of the total number of gamblers, while in the UK this number  exceeds 49%. In the meantime, females prefer playing via mobile devices, which gives them a sense of personal security.

  1. New marketing tools

Among the most effective marketing strategies currently used by many of the marketing specialists, we should mention personalized newsletters with non-intrusive ads. The negative aspect of this strategy is attributed to the fact that young people do not read advertisement, that’s why one of the main targets of a marketing expert is to work out thoroughly the general approach to the content in order to attract and capture new active gamblers.

  1. Card payments

The contemporary gambling is living out its struggle with regulators and controlling institutions. Some countries have lifted the ban for land-based casinos, as long as they are attracting the general touristic inflow, however, some of them still impose restrictions on the distribution of the online gambling houses.

Anyway, it is impossible to prohibit online casinos at all, because users are always free to use proxy and get the access to the barred resources and pay for the services through worldwide credit or debit cards.

  1. Alternative currency payments

Some of the online casinos allow their users to pay with crypto currency, get their payoffs in crypto currency, and exchange it for the standard money. More and more users these days are asking about the availability of bitcoins as a special type of digital currency. Operators, in their turn, are trying to adjust to such circumstances offering alternative ways of payment, and, consequently, create new casino formats such as Bitcoin casinos. 

Slotegrator has crypto casinos in its catalogue as well. As a result of a collaborative development project together with the company CASEXE, the aggregator has launched a gambling house called BitVega, completely based on bitcoin currency.

Keeping abreast with the times becomes easier together with Slotegrator’s crew!