Virtual reality is currently taking over actual reality. More than 10 years ago virtual casinos seemed to be a distant fantasy. Slotegrator is going to share more about the latest tendency changes for the past few years. 

Virtual casino: what does it look like?

Virtual casino is an online casino equipped with perfect 3D graphics and settings designed to resemble any land-based casino or gambling house to its fullest extent. Due to this, gamblers can get around gambling rooms, look around, enter into a dialogue with another gambler and choose any slot they like. Everything looks very natural and realistic.

The developers of this virtual reality put their best efforts into software improvement in order to bring graphics to the maximum level so that all the designed objects could look as if they were real. The appearance of innovative gadgets such as Oculus Rift and those alike turned out to be instrumental in improvement of this industry and managed to breathe life into already existing ideas.

Virtual casino operating principle

VR operation is based on video demonstration exhibiting higher definition and better frame frequency than the one found in traditional computer games visuals. This approach proved to be quite handy while minimizing playout delays. Any head or hand movement appears without delays that guarantees the effect of full presence in shot. Any person gambling in a casino equipped with virtual reality feels as if everything took place at a table of a real gambling house. It is possible to track rivals’ emotions, hear their comments while gambling and experience real tactile sensations due to the existence of special gloves and a headset. Moreover, it is safe to stay in a VR casino as long as you wish without any harm to health. Those who took part in a VR casino testing shared their experience reporting that they were feeling complete immersion into the game at that moment. The majority wished for getting back again and again.

Virtual reality grants to gamblers the following impressions:

  • Casino vibes affect gamblers’ vision, hearing (audio sounds) and contact sensations (upon availability of gloves);
  • Presence effect is achieved due to switching on the multi-user mode;
  • Gamblers are able to create their own unique images and select music after adjusting settings;
  • Interaction with the rest of gamblers through voice and chat adjusting options;
  • Regular updates and adds-on to the casino content.

One of the spectacular examples of a virtual casino is the one designed by one of Slotegrator’s partners known as Microgaming, a renowned gambling software provider. VR-roulette designed by this company allows its users to change their appearance up to unrecognizability, become invisible or turn casino dealers into illusory creatures or robots.

VR casinos’ advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of VR casinos are as follows:

  • Full presence sensations;
  • Interaction with gambling community;
  • Live chat with dealers;
  • Possibility to get away from reality with its worries and troubles;
  • Real profit gained straight from home;
  • Wide choice of content and regular updates;
  • Advanced techniques.

Gambling addiction can be qualified as the main disadvantage of virtual casinos, but this addiction is common among many players attending traditional land - based casinos. The other substantial disadvantage is a complete escape from reality provoked by various life problems. 

How to start gambling in a virtual casino

In order to start gambling in a virtual casino one might need a modern gaming computer, virtual reality headset and special software. Computer requirements are quite high, consequently, it turns out to be a rather costly purchase:

  • High-throughout processor Intel Core i5 4590 or higher;
  • Advanced video-adapter GeForce GTX 970 or even more recent;
  • Not less than 8 GB RAM  memory;
  • USB 3.0 and  HDMI 1.3 for gadget connection;
  • Operating system at least equal to Windows 7 SP1.

As for the virtual reality headset, it should be said that the hugest market leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung and etc. are constantly competing while creating it. It became a real world sensation that literally caused a boom in headset manufacturing after Oculus Rift was demonstrated on one of the specialized exhibitions in Los Angeles. Oculus Rift headset has a wider look-up angle than the rest of existing models and costs around $300. As an alternative to it, one might turn to such gadgets as Hololens by Microsoft, Cardboard by Google or similar devices.