Virtual sports have already turned into a relevant alternative to the traditional ones. One of the main explanations to that lies in the omnipresent accessibility of virtual kinds of sports: anytime, any minute or season you can enjoy the virtual sports tournaments based on traditional rules.

A lot of betting offices offer virtual sports betting services, however, the general number of sports events you can put stakes at is relatively low, compared to the amount of traditional ones.

Within the advent of contemporary technologies, developers are constantly demonstrating the latest advancements of the gameplay in all of their products.

The graphics stands out due to its realistic qualities, spectacular visuals, and dynamic motion.

What is ¨virtual sports¨?

Virtual sports, broadly speaking, is a simple simulator of any real sports tournament. The game modeling is carried out due to implementation of artificial intelligence that is giving out estimated results based on individual characteristics of the participants, injuries, stamina, physical parameters, etc.

Dozens of Virtual teams are taking part in competitions held daily. Beyond doubt, this is one of the main advantages of Virtual sports – dynamic events and continuousness of championships.

Among the most popular virtual sports, we should name football. The statistics provided by the betting agencies also proves that the highest number of stakes is traditionally placed on football. Apart from football, betting providers suggest placing stakes on such sports disciplines as:

  • tennis;
  • motorcycle racing and auto racing;
  • greyhound racing;
  • horse racing;
  • speedway and dog racing;
  • bicycle racing.

The betting rules, introduced by betting providers, are identical to the traditionally established. After the closure of the event, the betting offices start counting and the winners are awarded with their payoffs.

Virtual Sports Advantages

There are numerous advantages of playing Virtual sports. The main ones are accessibility and absence of external factors that might influence the results of the tournament.

Slotegrator previously mentioned about the first factor in the very beginning of this article. As for external factors, we can take into account such factors as weather conditions, injuries, psychological states of players/certain player; all of that influences the results and outcomes of a tournament.

Virtual sports are more or less transparent, because there still have not been registered any cases of so-called fixed or “negotiated” matches, when the results are already known among certain circles of people. And that turns out to be a huge problem for the majority of contemporary betting offices all around the world.

According to the recent statistical data, Georgia is a leader in hosting such fixed matches, which is around of 33% of all the tournaments held in this country. Tennis, in its turn, is considered to be one of the most corrupted kinds of sports (80% out of 100% are previously negotiated).

Disadvantages of virtual sports

Speaking about the disadvantages of Virtual sports, we should refer to random data generator (RDG) that, basically, predetermines the outcome of the event. For instance, in traditional kinds of sports forecasts and assumptions are provided by analysts from betting agencies, so bettors have higher chances to win, guided by data of professional analysis.

Virtual sports are less advantageous in this regard, so you should treat them as an entertaining activity that does not imply that you have to invest your last money into it. On the other hand, virtual tournaments are amazing in the way they can sharpen your skills and develop in you new sports betting strategies.

Anyway, it works only for those who can stop on time and spend insignificant sums of money on agreeable pastime. If you are a high roller, you’d better avoid Virtual sports, because it’s sometimes quite problematic to compete with a RDG machine, pursuing big amounts of money. The explanation to this is very easy: every strategy is based on a solid mathematical formula.

When you compete with a so-called contingent probability, which is RDG itself, you do not have a clear strategy and, consequently, your chances to win are diminishing.

Slotegrator & Golden Race: success is in your own hands

Slotegrator has previously announced about its partnership with Golden Race, which is a well-known virtual sports gaming developer. It is necessary to mention, that this provider obtained a 4th grade license from a Maltese gambling regulator in November that potentially enables the company to convert into the best licensed developer of virtual products on the regulated European markets.

The aggregator’s team is proud of its partnership with Golden Race and is looking forward to establishing a further fruitful collaboration with this trailbreaker in the world of virtual sports.