Abbreviation API is deciphered as “Application Programming Interface”. API enables computer programs to interwork in various ways and interexchange data. In order to benefit from API to the fullest, an experienced developer usually elaborates a command called documentation. There are no rigid standards applied to API documentation as such: it might be either structured and visually competing or , on the contrary, chaotic and incomplete.

How does integration function?

Integration process predominantly flows smoothly and easily. After cooperation conditions are negotiated and the contract is finally signed, we will provide you with testing environment and an account manager who will guide you through the whole process at every possible stage. According to our previous experience, it should be said that the whole casino games integration process takes around 10 working days, however, everything depends upon the level of your developers´ experience. Our crew is going to support you at all times up to the finalization of the project. As soon as the technical specialists confirm the successful passing of the testing stage, the account manager will provide you with data allowing accessing the live-server.

Our clients might choose any from the list of games, for instance, slots, live dealers, horseracing, as well as opt for necessary languages (more than 10 available). Depending on the provider, you may choose practically any type of convertible currency including the most widespread types of crypto currency (bitcoin, for instance). As mandatory provision, one may find two types of API protocols available: basic wallet and seamless wallet. The main difference is in that seamless wallets API enable to conduct integration processes in such a way that gamblers can start playing a couple of different games at one stroke.

Advantages of Slotegrator´s uniform communication protocol

Every gaming provider bringing services to online casinos has its own API protocol that enables any client to integrate different software into their online projects. The main advantage of collaboration with Slotegrator is in its uniform protocol that allows integrating into your platform tons of products from different developers at a time. Usually the process of integration might take up to a month, especially when the majority of integrated products are taken from different developers. Slotegrator’s policies are designed to troubleshoot such delays and shorten the terms of project launching due to availability of the uniform protocol. In other words, your team should examine thoroughly only one type of API documentation instead of several. The best programmers and developers from Slotegrator’s technical department are there to safeguard sustainable product functioning, as well as provide customers with competent support at all levels and stages of collaboration.