Complementary to technical equipment, licensing, gaming content and marketing campaign, another important issue is after staffing. Staff is the people who implement your business aims and communicate with your target audience on daily basis. Therefore, many things depend on the employees for whom work at online casino becomes a part of their lives. 

In this article, experienced Slotegrator specialists who had a lot of successful gambling project briefly tell about the minimum baseline staffing needed at online casinos.

Essential online casino staff 

The workforce is based on the type, size, and needs of gambling company. If a gaming portal works under White Label, when all technical support, service and financial support is undertaken by a platform provider, then it needs a minimum of employees: an administrator (or a manager), a technical customer assistant, an accountant. 

If an online casino is an independent project, more people will be required, including: top management, financial department, technical specialists, customer support managers, marketing and affiliate program department, etc. All those provide quality work of gambling company 24/7. 

Online casino staff

Online casino manager is a key administrative position. He or she is responsible for the overall management, online casino staff, for administration, improvement, and development of the company, as well as for its successful financial operation. It should be an experienced specialist with a good track record and recommendations. The main responsibilities are usually as follows:

•  Development and fulfillment of all policies and procedures to support the successful functioning of gaming site within the competitive environment and legal field.
•  Management of customer services through setting policies, procedures, and targets.
•  Cooperation with finance department to ensure compliance with legislation and reporting.
•  Partnership with third parties: contractors, developers, and software vendors.
•  Profile competitors monitoring.
•  To provide competitive advantages, to understand players preferences and to improve online casino overall.
•  To actively cooperate with marketing and advertising specialists to develop promotional events and loyalty programs for all categories of players. 

Technical support specialists (programmers) provide reliable continuous work of the Internet site, servers efficiency, etc. They are responsible for equipment, secure data storage, tamper resistance, as well as round-the-clock technical support. Therefore, this position needs a competent experienced specialist with appropriate skills and knowledge.

Customer support service. Ideally, four customer operators should work on the project: Three people who work 8-hour shifts and a specialist for emergency situations. It is the employees who must react quickly to any arising customer problem, especially when there are issues with a withdrawal of winning. In other words, these online casino employees are the face of the company. Therefore, they have to treat the slightest problems of users with appropriate attention, courtesy, and calmness. It is very important that only emotionally stable, positive and calm employees work here.

Accountant (financier). The finance department is an important component of any casino, responsible for the receipt and transferring of funds within the company. The specialist needs knowledge and skills of working with banking and payment systems, ability to keep records, knowledge of tax and financial legislation.

Site promotion specialists. A marketer, a SEO-specialist, and a SMM-specialist are responsible for advertising and marketing. Online casino promotion is a difficult task and requires special knowledge and skills. It should be borne in mind that Internet technologies are improved daily, and the modern network is a highly competitive environment, where the giants of the gambling industry take the main traffic. For the project to be successful, even at the stage of launching, it is necessary to hire one or several competent specialists for all directions: SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, email-marketing and context-display advertising.

Web designer (Interface Designer). Users remember sites with attractive design. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced specialist who will be able to ensure a responsive and friendly interface for a gambling site.

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Lawyer. This specialist is required by almost all jurisdictions. Today, an international online casino must be registered as a company headed by a director/lawyer with servers located within the licensing jurisdiction. But this requirement applies only to owners of direct licenses. In a number of jurisdictions, it is common to distribute sublicenses, which do not require to have an office. By this, a lawyer is needed to protect your project in any incident: complaints and aggressive actions from players, providers and any other gambling organizations.  

This is the minimum necessary staff that will be able to properly ensure the smooth operation of your gambling project. 


It is necessary to understand, that good online casino experts are always in demand.  The question of where to look for competent staff is usually decided by the employer independently. There are no rules, everything depends on the circumstances. Someone prefers to refer to specialized online sites, someone - to recruiting agencies, and those who have a great experience in gambling and good connections can "poach" employees, as well as attract friends or acquaintances. 

Do I need an office?

If there is no possibility or necessity to keep all staff in the office, it is possible to hire remote employees or freelancers, and to refer some tasks to outsourcing. This will significantly save the budget, attract the cooperation of highly professional specialists and is widely used in modern Internet business. 

As a rule, there is no need for official employment and taxes paid to various funds in this case. Salary can be transferred in various ways: electronic purses, transfer to the bank card, to current account of counterparty, etc.

Official employment

As for the legal aspects of employment – it all depends on the labor legislation of each particular country. However, Slotegrator, with its many years of experience and high knowledge of the online gambling market, recommends to conclude non-disclosure agreements with those employees who have access to commercial information. Insider trading is a very popular phenomenon today, and there are cases when the owners of online projects lose their business because of such actions.  
Online casino staff is an essential aspect influencing business success.