Georgia is a country with rich history and traditions, as well as unique flavour. Gambling has always been popular among such temperamental people as Georgians. Gambling underwent prohibitions and restrictions in Georgia, but it did not prevent Georgia to occupy leading positions in providing gambling services to the market.

Analysis of the gambling industry of Georgia

It is the end of the 90s that the first legal casinos appeared in Georgia. But political and economic situation in the country did not allow gambling to evolve smoothly. It fell to decay and then revived again. But by the beginning of the millennium authorities made modernization and development of gambling regulations its policy. A new tax code with separate article regulating taxation of gambling was adopted in 2005.

Today according to the law lotteries, gambling and betting activities are legal. Operating licenses may be obtained for the term of one year in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. Gambling business may be carried on by both individuals and legal entities. The law also provides various restrictions in order to avoid involvement of disadvantaged social groups in gambling, including age and gambling hall location restrictions

Due to thoroughgoing political reforms, Georgia is becoming one of the safest and most comfortable countries for gambling activities. Transparent fiscal policy, low level of corruption and simplified form of bureaucracy have created favorable climate for opening and successful operation of gambling houses. The possibility to register business and obtain operating license in a short time, as well as beneficial incentives scheme can not be overlooked by investors. They can not ignore the country that occupies 15th position in the business climate ranking of the World Bank.

One more advantage of Georgia is its geographical location: the country is surrounded by the countries where gambling is prohibited or strictly limited. So competition is low and residents of neighboring states flow to Georgia. In 2014 there were more than 2.5 million people.

Entertainment market of the country is developing rapidly. People from Europe and former Soviet countries enjoy visiting excellent Georgian resorts for skiing and gambling tourism.

February 26, 2016 Tbilisi will host the biggest event of the gaming industry - Georgia Gaming Congress, which will gather together industry experts, gambling houses owners, investors, speakers and officials from all over the world. A number of topical issues will be discussed within the Congress, including new and promising fields of the industry, the overall situation in the market of the country, the situation with Batumi casinos and draw parallels with the situation in Europe and the United States.

Moreover the Congress will have open test platform where leading developers will present their products and technologies and visitors will see equipment from Georgian and foreign companies.

Slotegrator, the company that provides software and game content for online casinos from leading producers, is going to visit Georgia Gaming Congress in February.

“Slotegrator keeps track of developments in gambling industry. We are committed to take part in various events, and Congress in Tbilisi is not an exception. Georgia is the country with more than 25 year history of the gambling business, which is growing rapidly. The country's authorities have created favorable conditions for successful business activity. All the countries that stand on the cusp of gambling industry modernization should learn from Georgia.

My main goal while visiting Georgia Gaming Congress is to present Slotegrator on the promising market of Georgia, forge new partnerships, find new customers and get invaluable experience”, Marina Zirka, the Executive Officer at Slotegrator, commented her visit to Tbilisi.