In the past an innovative solution from a leading company, that allowed opening games in a browser instead of downloading them, made its inventors widely known. And there is nothing surprising about that, as groundbreakers, companies striving for progress and new developments will always get a deserved reward – customer recognition.

Today continuous transformations and changes take place in the sphere of gambling. Technologies do not stand still, but develop rapidly, giving developers many new opportunities.

Mobile boom in online casinos

Mobile online casinos are getting more and more popular, completely erasing the boundaries of traditional gambling houses and giving players more freedom to play. Almost everywhere leading advanced software companies have started to adapt their best casino games to different mobile devices.

But mobile casino revolution has not stopped here – developers want to go further and shift their focus from mobile websites to mobile applications.

A mobile online casino represents advanced versions with user-friendly interface, which players can use on tablets, phones and other devices. 

But players want to get the maximum from advantages of their mobile devices, thus the future is determined. Mobile applications will allow playing casino games for real money, betting on sports or playing live casino games.

To make the game even more convenient for a player is the main goal of mobile casino transformations and one of the main trends of online gambling development.

Bitcoin casino

Created in 2008 cryptocurrency is popular all over the world today, and bitcoin casino has become another trend in gambling industry.

Bitcoin currency has advantages that ideally fit for gambling business. Usage of bitcoin gives much more freedom to both operators and players.  Transactions with virtual currency are run with minimal fees, almost for free, without limitations in time and amounts. You can instantly deposit and withdraw money. For gambling houses it’s a nice way to save time on running monetary transactions.

Data privacy is another important advantage of bitcoin currency, as it simplifies the process of players’ registration. There is no need to enter any personal information; bitcoin wallet is a set of letters and numbers that is not attached to a specific physical person. Moreover, bitcoin wallet cannot be blocked and it’s impossible to cancel transactions, which were put through.

A growing number of casino software manufacturers pay attention to such universal currency as bitcoin that suits casino in the best way. It’s only a matter of time now when the statement “Bitcoin casino is a casino of the future!” becomes true.

Fantasy sports betting

Fantasy sport already represents the world community. It’s a whole industry, only in the USA fantasy sports market is estimated to be worth several billions of dollars. Millions of people play fantasy games, assembling teams of famous sportsmen and taking part in online tournaments.

Many experts predict that this particular type of online gambling will become a new king of thrill, replacing poker.

Fantasy sport is allowed all over the world and has no borders. Such giant as Google has invested in fantasy sports startups. In Canada and USA fantasy sports have turned into mainstream culture. Sports betting has been popular among players for many decades, betting business is flourishing, thus it is no wonder that fantasy sports betting, which provides more opportunities, will also firmly establish itself in the world of betting.

In CIS countries compared to the USA fantasy sports is not so popular and for now this activity is performed on amateur level there. But seeing success of this gambling sector on the West, there is a huge possibility that this promising industry will find its place in Europe and CIS countries.

Casino in social networks

Social networks have become an integral part of our life. People communicate, share information, work, find love, sell/buy, create and write, promote their business, organize communities and of course play casino games in social networks.

Why is it convenient and profitable to create a possibility to play games of chance in social networks? The answer is obvious. Firstly, the percentage of people not registered in social networks is miniscule. For example in CIS countries the overwhelming majority of people over 30 years old have a personal page on www.odnoklassniki, and those under 30 – on Worldwide network Facebook accounts for billions of users.

For people, who daily go to their profiles, check news feed and messages, it is much more convenient to play favourite games via social network. Here they can create communities, find likeminded people and participate in tournaments.

Virtual reality and online casino

Virtual reality is getting more and more popular in different entertainment sectors around the world. Today there is nothing extraordinary in watching a video or riding a rollercoaster in special glasses, which will take you into virtual world. 

This innovation has reached gambling industry as well. For 2016 there are plans to launch virtual reality glasses that will allow players to see super realistic 3D picture and will transfer them to casino grounds.

Stunning innovation will allow players to visit popular casinos without leaving their homes and experience real emotions as far as the quality of picture is very impressive.

Virtual reality is intended for a completely new generation of gamers who will be able to fully appreciate the progressiveness of this solution.

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Players segmentation and innovative marketing

Segmentation principle is widely used in marketing and gives a possibility to determine the main consumer groups of online casino services, which possess common features and characteristics. Such segmentation is a vital aspect of innovative marketing strategy construction.

Innovative marketing determines innovation production plans and is aimed at meeting demands of a definite consumer segment. In other words, innovation production management is fulfilled depending on demands of a specific segment of online casino players. Having researched the market, manufacturers can implement in gaming content novelties those innovations, towards which future online casino users are oriented.

Innovation marketing today is one of the most perspective and important trends in marketing for online casinos, aimed at meeting players’ demands for new products and functions.

Innovations, novelties, continuous technology modernization – all these powerful and dynamic progress tools make developments of gambling industry profitable and allow the market to develop steadily. Undoubtedly innovative companies will amaze gamers with incredible inventions again and again. The hub of groundbreaking inventions is ICE 2016 in London, where companies from all over the world will demonstrate their latest developments in the sphere of land based and online gambling.