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The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has unveiled a new law on legalization of gambling in Ukraine: Slotegrator is all ears

The official website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine contains a new document, which was eagerly awaited by supporters of an idea of the gambling business resumption. Slotegrator was among them. Now the law On Gambling in Ukraine will regulate the sphere of gambling activity in the country. Although it has not been adopted yet, its head significantly specifies the year of 2015.

Under the heading of the document, you can find its main goal: the bill establishes the basic legal and institutional norms in the field of gambling activity, taking into account the rights and interests of citizens.

The representatives of the gambling business in Ukraine should read all articles of the law with great attention, as this document is the things that make us who we are. Slotegrator being interested in the law adoption is in a hurry to share its opinions about the most important innovations in the system of the gambling industry regulation.

So, what will the adoption of a new bill provide to the gaming industry?

First, this bill removes the ban on gambling business and allows organization and conduct of sports betting, casino gambling, as well as issue and holding of lotteries exclusively within the special gaming zones.

Special zones for the organization of gambling establishment activity under the law are considered the territory of 4 and 5 star hotels with a capacity of 250 rooms for Kiev and at least 125 rooms for other cities. The territory of gaming zones also includes waiting halls of airports. No more than one gaming establishment with several gambling halls may be located at the same address. The draft law provides that a casino should occupy an area of 300 sq. m; a gambling hall with slots should occupy not less than 100 sq. m; a betting office must be placed in the non-residential building with a separate entrance and occupy an area of no more than 300 sq. m. In addition, the draft law On Gambling in Ukraine provides a list of premises where the work of gambling establishments is prohibited: educational institutions, health and science institutions, public transport stops, subway stations, museums, parks, etc.

Slotegrator considers that a clear definition of requirements for gaming zones will contribute to the elimination of clandestine "basement" institutions whose operation does not comply with the law and only spoils the reputation of the gaming industry as a whole.

The law on the legalization of gambling activity also prohibits players who have not reached the age of 18 years or who are in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication from visiting gambling establishments.

The level of culture of gambling establishment visiting, according to Slotegratora, must be very high, because a casino or gaming salon is an integral part of the country's entertainment infrastructure. A visit to the cinema, theatre or circus for some reason does not cause a negative reaction in people, unlike a visit to the casino. Although the main point is the same: to get certain services for money. In case of the cinema, it is watching a movie, and in case of the casino - gambling.

Another positive point of the law on gambling is restrictions on advertising of gambling establishments. Advertising on the television and radio and on the title pages of publications, outdoor advertising and advertising on transport are prohibited.

The following innovations described in the law On Gambling in Ukraine deserve particular attention. They include creation of a special body for gambling activity regulation and an electronic system for financial regulation of gambling establishments.

Now the national policy in the field of organization and conduct of gambling will be carried out the Gambling National Service. It is a special body that will operate under the supervision of the Cabinet. This is a great opportunity for the representatives of the gambling industry to protect their rights and interests taking places in the National Service. This central body of executive power shall subsequently implement electronic system of state monitoring into the operation of gambling establishments. The purpose of such system is to control online gambling establishments including bets, payments and winnings. Slotegrator considers such system as being very progressive and able to reduce the risk of fraud or lack of professionalism in establishments of the gambling sector. In addition, the regulator will issue licenses on carrying out gambling in land and online casinos.

According to the bill on gambling, the organizers of such activities can only be legal entities with the authorized capital of not less than 2 million Euros. The system of obtaining licenses to organize gambling activity is also clearly determined in the legal documents and has certain financial limits.

It will be possible to open a casino in Kiev and get a license for a year having paid 1 million Euros in case of a settlement with a population of over 500 thousand people. In case of a settlement with a population of less than 500 thousand people, such license will cost 600 thousand Euros. For casinos outside settlements, the annual license will cost 300 thousand Euros. The cost of a license for the operation of online casinos will be 1.5 million Euros per year.

Perhaps the law on the legalization of gambling establishment operation still requires some improvements, but the very fact of its existence is a huge step for the gaming industry in Ukraine. As Slotegrator is a gambling company, so we bet that the bill will be adopted soon.

Our company hopes that the adoption of this bill will provide the gaming industry with new opportunities for progressive development and evolution, radically change the public's views concerning the gambling activity and protect the rights and interests of representatives of the gambling industry.

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