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Join Games

Join Games

Games from Join Games – new ideas, implemented in game content

The main principle of creation slots for Join Games developers has always been creative approach and innovation. According to founders, the word “Join” in the company name means the fusion of different views, ideas and experience, which allows producing a brand new and innovative product.

Peculiarities of games manufacturer Join Games

Slots from Join Games are divided into several categories. The first group includes traditional video slots with 3D graphics, classically themed with themes ranging from    Aztecs to vampires. Usually they are five-reel slot machines with 20 paylines, offering players wild and scatter symbols, free spins and rather high chances to win. One of the most brilliant and exciting slots in this category are: Find The Gems, Apocalypse Knights, Aztec Temple, Caesar's Glory.

The second category of slots includes premium slots. In this type of games each game has some feature that differentiates it from other games. It can be an unusual arrangement of reels as in Dojo, unusual free spins round as in Cyber Ninja or extremely engaging bonus game as in Zombie Escape, where the main character destroys zombies with the help of different weapons.

Premium slots can have from 10 to 20 paylines, use truly colourful 3D graphics, and user can choose game levels, thus increasing bets. Excellent examples of this category are: Sakura, Naga King, Venice Carnival, Ice 7 Bar, Monster House.

And the most interesting category includes Cineslots, a new gaming concept from Join Games. Apart from high-quality 3D graphics, slots feature real actors that make the game even more realistic. One can play such unique Cineslots as Twinkle, Kleopatra, The Legend of Emerald.

Slotegrator recommends buying games from Join Games

Assortment of game content from Join Games can meet demands of operators and player with various preferences.

Games can be easily integrated in online casino platforms, and are also available on mobile devices. The gameplay is simple and comprehensible, and there are various engaging themes. By all accounts game content from Join Games stands out for its quality and originality.